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thanks again. I don't know if she'll be feeding less then .... I think she nurses as much now as she does a year ago, when she was 1. I might try weaning her if B6 and/or progesterone don't work in a month or 2.
Logan -- Thanks. I was afraid of that, and knew nothing about it until now. I was hoping DD would just decide to wean on her own when I became pregnant. Do you know if progesterone cream can help. I don't want to wean, but I will if I have to because I'm older than 35 and don't want time to run out....
I had a m/c at about 6 weeks (didn't develop past 4.5 weeks) in December. Waited one cycle to TTC. Then 2 BFNs. Had shorter cycle than usual (usually 32, now only 29) and only 10-day luteal phases with during 2 BFN cycles. Don't want my LP was before. Also for 2 BFNs, timed intercourse. We conceived #1 on first try, so all this is very frustrating, and depressing. Could the short LP be due to my m/c (still?) or nursing? I still nurse my 2-yr-old ... a lot. (I'm...
kimmom -- yes, I had creamy/white CM post-ov when I've been pregnant. I would take it as a good sign, esp if you don't normally have that. I think I ovulated about 10-11 days ago, and last night I had very light brown spotting, which has continued into today. I know this can be implantation spotting, but I didn't have that with my other pregnancies. I'm afraid it's my period, but I don't have sore breasts or any of my other usual PMS signs (besides moodiness), which I...
thank you.
My husband was offered a job there. DD is 19 months. Nice neighborhoods? Parks? Activities for kids?
Quote: Originally Posted by spruce lolo, It's not that hard to get used to winters here. There are *some* indoor activities (your child is very young, so playgroups, MOPS, etc are abundant) but as your kids get older and/or you get more used to the climate, there is also skiing (even with toddlers, lots of kids here learn to ski before they're 2), ice skating, playing at the park, etc. Our family does martial arts and swimming, both indoor...
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