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This is my 3rd baby, 3rd breech. I don't want another c/s. My Dr. said if the baby flips he's totally comfortable with me having a natural birth. Problem... I've already spent 3 weeks working with the chriopractor and doing accupuncture and baby although moves all around... is STILL head up. I'd like to try a version before I'm any further along and he runs outta space. I'm 36+2 right now. Help please!!
for anyone interested... my midwife said for insomnia you can also use catnip tea along with chammomile tea and it should help in combination. I thankfully haven't had this problem (I'm 26 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy, this is her 1st). But we prefer not to take any medication unless we can't find other alternatives. kwim? So hopefully this will work and she can stop the benadryl. Thanks ladies... your posts gave her peace of mind for the couple nights she did take it!
Quote: Originally Posted by ladyleah Ok, so......today is my EDD- and I had my regular 40 week MW appt. scheduled this afternoon. At the appt. she sugegsted that I have an internal to see if I was effaced or dialated yet-- although I have never had one before this time (nor did I want one). I reluctantly told her to go ahead (in part b/c my DH was excited to see what was "going on in there" lolol). She said I was about 80% effaced and 2cm dialated which...
My OB's were supportive of me nursing while pregnant, although I FULLY expected them to tell me to wean (as my family did). DS was born 10/2006 weaned 9/2009 DD was born 03/2008 DS is expected 03/2010 Although I weaned DS1 by the end of September, he was sick w/ pertussis and there were several times that I nursed him because I noticed that DD was recovering better and figured it was from BFing. Also he was crying me and begging to nurse last week so I let...
DS is 3 and ffing currently... DD is 20 months and RFing still... I think I'll have her ffing by 3. Can't afford to keep buying seats to keep them RF longer and that's about when they hit the limits.
Does your school have a student nursing organization? Call the president. They should know the procedure for opting out of vaccines. There is a way! It may be different for each school and it is A LOT of red tape. Be presistent, call the dean if you have to!
yes, there have been studies done. I recommend reading: A Shot In The Dark and What The Pharmacutical Companies Don't Want You To Know About Vaccines by Todd M. Elsner Excellent well documented research in the latter. Pages upon pages of references for you to check his research as well!
My sister is about 6 weeks along and I'm her only resource as no one knows yet. She has had insominia for the last 6 nights and is feeling AWFUL. The answering service called her back from her OB's office and said she can take benadryl... but she wants to make sure. Is this okay? Are there other more natural solutions? TIA for your help ladies!
your right, it does spread other than by needles and sex, but it's never had a huge outbreak other than in those 2 populations. They were in mind when creating the drug even though it wasn't "billed" as such. Why would they bill it that way? they'd lose millions of $$$$$ http://jpubhealth.oxfordjournals.org...tract/10/2/147 once such outbreak
I would say I'm glad they're okay. Although it's awful, most kids pull through well... at least they have a lifetime natural immunity to those things now!
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