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Oh, yes. It was awful for us when Carter was very young. It could take a month or longer to get him on the right track, and he was always a terrible, horrible, miserable sleeper, anyway. It's better now that he takes strong sleep meds; when we move the clocks, we just move the meds forward or back by about 10 minutes each day until we're giving them at the usual time.
I would call the caseworker who visited you last time and give her a heads up. If you make the first contact, it makes a potential call from your ILs that much less credible. CPS will still have to investigate the call, of course. I hope it works out OK for you!
Quote: Originally Posted by nudhistbudhist They now tell me its normal for babies to be blue around the mouth and on the forehead and nailbeds (which she was). Ummm...no. What have her sats been like? It all certainly COULD be reflux. I've never really heard of a happy refluxer, but I'm no expert. Have they offered any testing? A pH study is not an easy test, but it might be something to consider with such serious symptoms and no...
I have four children. The eldest three are 16, 14, and 12, and are all typically developing kids. My youngest is 7 and he is the reason I come here to the SN board. His issues are probably caused by a perinatal stroke or other brain injury, though we'll probably never know for sure (per our devastating recent visit to the neuro). His most severe issues are emotional/behavioral: bipolar (incl. delusions and hallucinations), ADHD, SPD, and severe anxiety with OCD features....
I dunno. As irritating as it can be (esp. the sympathy that's really pity), I understand that people don't get it. Us parents of SN kids are part of a club that few people would ever choose to join. People are painfully ignorant, but I was at one time, too, and I cringe when I think of the unwittingly insensitive things I might have said in the past. There are some true jerks out there, but I think most people just don't know how to act or what to say and are at least...
My stock reply (on the rare occasion that anyone questions my choice) is, "I just don't care to." Then I change the subject.
Could you still use blessed, as in "blessed by good fortune" instead of "blessed by God"?
I don't know. Even though I used a sling almost exclusively, the stroller still seemed necessary. If we went on a long outing (maybe 3 hours or more), I would need a stroller for a) a place to put our stuff, and b) to put the baby down occasionally, esp. if I needed to go to the bathroom.
Huh. I never had any trouble, and my kids always wore onesies my bulky, OS pre-folds.
Oh, gosh, I guess we're in the minority. We share anything and everything except toothbrushes, and even those we'd probably share in a pinch!
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