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After some trial and error, I have determined that I only get really nauseated when I haven't had enough sleep. Yesterday I was sick all day. Last night I slept 8 hours and today I felt great and hadenergy to clean the whole house and cook 3 actual meals for the family! I also found that when I do feel sick, cranberry juice mixed with soda water is a great remedy that has worked 3 times in a row. Who has other remedies and prevention methods??
I have been craving complex foods so last night we made falafel with hummus, olive tapenade, tomatoes, onions and pepperocini--in taco shells! New favorite falafel wrapper!I just sautéed the rest of the falafel with kale with some water and rolled it in tortillas with avocado, tomato, onion and a little vegan poppyseed dressing. It was delicious! I have been making a ton of roasted root vegetables lately too, just tossed with a little olive oil and sometimes salt and...
You sure did! lol! I literally just read that a few minutes ago. I am a serious nameberry addict, even when we are nowhere near thinking about more babies, I am always thinking of names. I have never loved a boys' name other than Wilder, but I just don't know if I can use it. What names are you considering? Do you think it'll be another boy?? You know Tori Spelling's sister just had second daughter, a girl named Lotus and her other daughter is named Sage?? That's messed...
We are living in central IL, just got back from a 7-month road trip through WA, OR and CA, so I still feel like my home is on the road in my camper! We are planning a lot of long-term travel back to the northwest, but for now I am happy here, buried in snow and ice, surrounded by family and lots of girlfriends!
Right of Passage
I've only had one and that was during my second pregnancy, when I did prenatal with hospital midwives and they were insistent. They thought they saw something that could point to Downs. I worried for a week and got a second one that ruled it out. No ultrasounds or doppler for me unless there is an emergency! I love our fetoscope though. I used it all the time to connect with the baby last time and I'm sure I will this time as well.
For keeping my iron up during pregnancy, I use Floradix with iron and herbs. It's derived from plants and it's more of a food than a vitamin, so it's easily absorbed. The taste isn't awful. My husband likes it. I chase it with a swallow of orange juice and it's fine.
Just curious, past/current freebirth mamas, did you or are you doing your own prenatal care? We did our own last time but we worked with a midwife friend who was there to answer questions and give support along the way. We actually realized, after 24 hours of inconsistent contractions and stalled progress, that her shoulder was caught on my pelvic bone. We knew for days that she was posterior and through our own knowledge, our midwifery manual, bing (!!) and confirmation...
My girls are Sag3, L0tus and Cl3mentine so I'm feeling a nature-inspired name for this one too. Boys' names are hard!! I really like Wilder, but is that usable? I also like Oliver, Atticus, Rafe, Hawthorn...but none of those seem like the one. I wish Huckleberry was a real name, but don't tell anyone that I love that name because everyone would make fun of me! Hazel is my top pick for a girls' name right now. I also love Wren, with the nickname Wrennie or Birdie,...
EmeraldTrees, that is awesome that you chose so young! I decided to be vegetarian when I was 7 and I have not eaten meat since. I definitely had to dig my heels in and stand my ground, but my parents were 100% supportive so I was very fortunate! Wilhelmina, just curious, what are you paranoid about?
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