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Cody has gone through a huge growth spurt. Ate non-stop for a few days then slept a lot. Now that we are in CA with family, everyone has actually seen the growth over two days. Seriously chubbed up, out grew 3 mo clothes overnight, and had to take out the infant insert in the carseat. He looks so much more comfy without it, but what happened to my baby? Over 15 lbs now. Grew 2 inches from 2 to 3 months too.
I started back up at Jazzercise a week or two ago. I was really bummed that I didn't go the whole pregnancy due to morning sickness than just being too big/tired. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to keep up or totally fumble the moves but it has been great. I don't know what to do, though, for the next 3 weeks when I am out of town visiting family. When I get back, my goal is 3 times a week at Jazzercise. I have already lost a pound or two each week after a stall so I...
I remember when I had my DD in daycare not too long after school started (I am a teacher too) and there was another girl starting when she was around 6 months. The daycare provider was a bit nervous because this baby had never fallen asleep without her mom nursing her to sleep. We were all a bit amazed how well the baby transitioned. No problems. I think that when we aren't around, our babies do amazing things - like sleep 3 hour naps in their cribs (as Cody did for my...
Used the Moby with Cody facing out this morning. It was great. Much cooler and he loved looking around. I had forgotten he could face that way and I am excited to use it for summer now. Yeah!
You just have to do the best you can with times. I would feel my milk come in around the time he would usually nurse so I would pump then if I could. With DD I couldn't continue to pump as much as she was eating, as a teacher I didn't have the breaks for it, so yes, my supply did suffer and we did have to supplement some. I am hoping with Cody we won't have to do that because I have been pumping more. You are doing great if you are getting the 15 ounces but don't beat...
Alaskan, I felt that way too. Just kind of blah for a day or two. Didn't remember that from before. It did go away and hopefully you will be back to normal soon.
Tiffany, I have had that on the left side off and on, seems kind of frequent to me. Really uncomfortable shooting pain. I don't know when/why, though. Don't think I had it with DD.
So cute Ironmam! I really like them.
Thank you for sharing. I can't imagine your pain. I am glad you are taking steps to make the grieving process easier for your whole family.
Super long Birth Story that I wrote about 6 weeks ago...hope you enjoy All along this pregnancy I knew that the week of April 8th was going to be the birth week. Before I went on bed rest for preterm labor, I had wanted to take off work starting at the end of spring break since I was sure baby would come in the few days after I would have gotten back from the break. I figured it would be a good transition for the long term sub to start fresh and not have my water break in...
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