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Well, my bp got a little high in the heat over the weekend so we stripped my membranes and did castor oil. STILL PREGNANT. Bp is lower now...
Ladies, the cost of pull ups is KILLING ME.  My DD has been potty trained FOREVER, but still has a night time accident maybe 3 times a month. So she wears pull ups (we are cloth diaper-ers but found that about a year ago her bladder was just tooo powerful to the dipes, so we switched over).  I would like to transition her OUT of pull ups, but right now, she goes to bed in her bed, and gets into ours around 3-4 am.  I'm not super thrilled about the idea of her peeing in...
So, my daughter is 4 and 36lb 39 inches and is FF, Newborn is on the way.  We drive a volvo station wagon with no latch system, and I cannot for the life of me figure out who goes where in the car.  Common sense says to me that the nb goes in the middle so he has the most protection, since DD has more solid bones and such, but since she is FF, is she less safe (even with the bones?)  And about that forward facing, she has been ff for a while now, I just realized she...
Still pregnant. Having sex everyday. Hypno babies at night.  1 ctx all week. I think its only fair that if one baby goes over, the next should go under. Not how it works, but still.  Ran into a friend of a friend in the grocery store today who told me to eat green chili, and as soon as she left I burst into tears (3 times) in the isle. WoW. Hormones. magic things.
Ok, so I can only read about chemicals for so long before I decide to burn down my house and move to Europe on the insurance money, so I need to ask a few questions that I am sure with hours of reading and searching I could find answers to, but at 41 weeks pregnant, the likely-hood of the aforementioned tragedy striking is increasing with each second that I am still pregnant. (and its August, and HOT) I just got a new car seat for this little bambino, should he ever...
I'm not normally one to complain, I went 3 weeks over with my daughter, and I am only 3 days over now, but I am a midwife (more reason I should know better) and I go back on call Sept 4! I just want to have this baby already.
Absolutely, but they make terrible burritos
Help- I bought some ground beef from my farmer and it thawed in the car (all 40 lb!!!) so we browned it and froze it in gallon ziplocks.  Sounds fine right? Well, when we thawed it to make taco meat, the meat was, uh, paper-y?  Taste is fine, but the texture was just off. Any suggestions?  We have two more gallon bags of this stuff, and its not cheap. I'd like to be able to salvage it somehow.
So what kind of gf tortillas do you ladies use? We made tons of burritos ahead for the last baby, but have been gf for about 3 years. Corn is what we use fresh but that doesn't seem like it would freeze well.
The cnm s at u of m can take Medicaid, but do not do out of hospital births.
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