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Yesterday was my babe's 4 month bday and we have noticed in the past couple weeks a major shift in her sleeping. She is still getting a 5 hour stretch...at least i think...i don't keep a clock near me at night. But, she doesn't go to sleep at night until 9ish ( oh, we have tried earlier, and it's just a battle). But, she wakes up so early 4:30- 5ish and just eats on and off until she's making so much noise that we finally get out of bed at 6-6:30. She is definitely...
Ok, I found it. Here's the site. I can hardly read it - it makes me so angry. http://www.firstcandle.org/bedtimebasics/index.html
I'm new here (came running from babycenter.com and all those other parenting mags) but had to reply because I've been inundated with all this stuff about babies sleeping alone in cribs. I just bought a TinyLove toy and in the packaging was a flyer about how babies should sleep alone, but with a pacifier! I can't remember the name of the organization that put it out, but I wanted to write a letter.
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