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Oh darn. I was coming here to say I felt the first kick today, but I see that tapping doesn't count - so will wait for a big one! First movement today, then. I'm at 17w, EDD May 26.
Ooh I'm in! Added myself to the doc. I like the idea of big teethable beads, will look for those!
Chinese takeout. For breakfast.
No idea where the placenta likes to hang out. We don't do ultrasounds unless something would indicate a problem - sometimes I feel like it might be a comfort to have more info tho.
I am soooo not an exerciser. But have been feeling even more lump-on-the-couch than usual lately, stiff and headachy and grumpy, so I made a plan. Committed to twice-weekly prenatal yoga, on Sundays and Thursdays, and joined a gym near home to swim laps Tuesdays and Saturdays. I've always really wanted to swim during pregnancy and never have gotten it together to make it happen. I need to commit to regular walking too, but DS6 is a nudist Minecraft enthusiast and is often...
Hi everybody! I'm new, took forever to join this time around.   At 15 weeks now with #3 and still haven't felt movement, though I did have a client ask if I was pregnant yesterday so I guess it's time to get used to that. Seems like everything started popping out from the very start with this one. I swear I look way more pregnant than I feel!   This past weekend I disappeared while DH hung with kids, because my 2.5yo DD was still nursing 2-3x/day and it was killing my...
I am so late to join! My last DDC kept going in a facebook group format and I've just been venting to those wonderful ladies so far ;) I was skittish about joining early because the waves of "I'm out" are so discouraging, and I felt super protective of this pregnancy from the start. But I think it'd be nice to have a date-specific group now that things are sticky!   My name is Hannah, and I'm due late May with #3. Planning a homebirth with the same midwife practice we...
Austin is the best! You'll love it here. I know lots of great midwives. Ours is Laurie Fremgen (http://www.lauriefremgen.com/www.lauriefremgen.com/Welcome.html)   If you have any characteristics/requests in mind for what kind of midwife/birth you're looking for, maybe I can help point you toward someone you'd click with. Same with neighborhoods! There are actually several central and east neighborhoods that are fantastic for families too.
mine has that too!  she's 2months old.  I'm thinking it's related/similar to her cradle cap.  also a patch in the crease on the back of her neck.  I put calendula cream on her neck as it looked owie.  Would love to hear some other ideas.
One-car family here too - looks like a good way to get around town to me.  Liked on Facebook, sign me up!
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