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Mama: wake_up Baby: Cosima Rose (girl) Born: Wednesday, June 29th Time: 2:41pm Weight: 8lbs2oz Length: 19.5 in Location: Home, in birth pool, in the caul!
Thanks for all the vibes ladies.  She was born yesterday at 2:41 pm, only 2.5 hrs after active labor started!  Story coming soon... I hope your babies join you soon too!!!!
Woke up feeling intermittently crampy at 5:30am, woke up DH at 6:45 to DTD (read: harvest his homegrown prostaglandins ), had bloody show right after, and have been having 30 sec crampy waves every 3-5 min for the past 1.5 hours.  Cautiously thinking this may be the day!  I was due the 25th, so that makes today... 40+4.    New moon tomorrow night, ladies!  Also, an astrologist friend has informed me that on Friday, the moon slips into Cancer, the childbirth sign......
Thanks for that, I love it!
I'm not talking about arbitrarily heaping disappointment and unhappiness on my kids to toughen them up.  I'm talking about not walking on eggshells for fear they'll be disappointed at some point. Anticipating needs is different from catering to every whim.  Life happens, and sometimes we don't have all the options available to us, or the options we would prefer are not going to work for the people we're with.  In those situations, which pop up quite often, I'm finding...
I think it's great, not the least bit bitchy.  I know people are just thinking of us and wanting to wish us well, but the texting and phone calls are waaaaay annoying already and I'm only a couple days past EDD.  I am trying to settle in for what may be a much longer haul, and it doesn't help to have people calling and unsettling me all the time!  Yesterday I answered a call from my mom with "no, I'm not having a baby right now."  She paused for a second and said, "that's...
What a great conversation.  I really like hearing how all these parenting philosophies/labels overlap and work/don't work in people's real lives.  DS1 is only 3.5, so I feel like I'm just coming into the time when I'll be able to put more trust in his decisions and these theories will become more real.  We're planning to unschool too, and it all seems to fit in with that continuum.  The gradual shifts in my perspective brought about by exposure to these relatively...
A minority voice here for Grover, love it!  It has such a friendly feeling, I think in part maybe because of the blue muppet?  I have met a couple young Oscars recently and didn't picture them grouchy in trash cans, it's just their name.  I've met a couple Olivers recently too, both under 1 year old...   Hee hee, hope that doesn't throw too big a wrench in the process :)
How sweet!  Congratulations!  Lovely name too :)
She's scrumptious!  And I LoVe the name!!  Way to go on the UC with your partner, sounds like an incredible experience.
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