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Congrats, Crunchy!  That's one big ol head.   Me too.  Exactly.  I was so lazy yesterday... my mom came over in the afternoon and I took a long nap, then when DH came home I wanted another one!  Went to the snack store for popcorn and ice cream and felt better though :)  It's kind of fun to be able to answer "when are you due?" from random strangers with "any time now" or "tomorrow" and watch them back away warily.  Mwa haha.
Yeah, it looks silly, but really rotates the hips independently.  Not only are you walking all lopsided, but you also have to switch directions or sides of the road all the time!  I felt like a dork doing it on our family walk last night, but could feel my hips making space, so kept going.
She posted on the "due at end of June" thread that she birthed a baby yesterday - kinda hidden, thought I'd point you over there in case you weren't reading it :)
I'm not due til Saturday either, but DS came at 39+2 so I'm the pregnantest I've ever been, and ready to get the show on the road!  I've done extra yoga and gutter walking and sex, all of which seem like normal, good activity to me, not necessarily "induction techniques" but things that are good to do at this point?  Today will go to the chiropractor one more time, that will be good too.  Baby squirmed and kicked for hours last night, but no real contractions to speak of...
Thanks for that website!  Tremendously useful.    I'm not even getting faked out by labor signs yet.  Just can't sleep because this baby has been squirming all over the place for hours.
Liked and subscribed!
Congratulations, beautiful girl!
Congratulations!  So fast... way to go, mama!
I sure do think tomorrow would be a nice birthday...  Summer solstice, baby!  I'm due Saturday, and DS came at 39w2d, so really, any day now... I'm so tired this morning that I hope today's not the day!  Up and down a million times last night, feeling stiff and old.  I feel ready and not ready.  I wrote next week's schedule on our fridge calendar, and it's almost July!  Kinda shocking to think I'll probably have a baby before then.
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