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what a sweet little chub cherub!  Way to go, mama!
What a beautiful girl!  You made it to the other side, now it's time to bask in the glow... thanks for the story.
Great story!  Thanks for writing it.  Way to go, mama!
  Yes.  Me too.  We're gonna make it!  Some days it's really hard to see the light/baby at the end of that tunnel...
Go Snowflake!  Go Smokering!   Ha, preggochondriac.  I'm not there yet, but I am a bit worried about how I'll know when it's time...  Tuesday a friend is having an all-day birthday celebration, including an Indian lunch buffet and a swim at the spring-fed pool, and Tuesday is also the summer solstice... doesn't that sound like a good birthday?  Maybe I'll birth after swimming too! 
you made it!  Congratulations, love the name. 
Maybe it is the moon!  Driving home tonight it was a huge orange ball on the horizon, just for a couple minutes.  I love when it does that.  I stood outside with DH for a bit and let the belly soak up some moonlight.  After the chiropractor and then a great evening yoga class, I was feeling all floaty and yummy.  I think it'll be another week though.    Just realized I don't have any diaper pins, and a bunch of the little diapers I got require them.  Baby's probably...
Oh, and speaking as a massage therapist, acupressure can really help to intensify contractions.  I get a lot of clients coming in asking for "induction massage," and I do explain that it's only going to work if their bodies are already teetering on the edge of labor, but by that point a lot are!  Women are under so much pressure with induction timelines that I think it helps to just relax for an hour, too.  Spleen 6 (the shin bone spot tracymom mentioned, about 4 finger...
No signs of labor over here, but I'm still only halfway through week 38, so it's just as well.  Trying to get the house in some kind of order, and it's actually working for once.  I just keep trucking along with short little bursts of movement, and things are slowly getting organized... though the to-do list is quite Hydra-like at this point.  At least the new heads that sprout are looking smaller than the ones they're replacing.   Chiro appointment today!  My mom's...
Holy cow, giant thumbs up for making it through that without the pain meds working!  That's crazy.  Glad the experience went so well otherwise, and congratulations on the sweet little bundle - he's absolutely gorgeous!
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