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Oh wow, how cool!  And what a big ol chunky baby you got!  That sounds big for a head, way to go mama!
Amazing!  So glad you had a positive experience.  She's gorgeous.  Love the name.
Caught myself saying to DH, in all seriousness, "This baby will not come until there is a couch in that room!"  Well, I'm sitting on the couch now, and no baby yet, heehee... but I'm pretty sure I've got a couple weeks yet here.  Did my last two client massages today, so now I have officially launched into Formless Waiting Time.  I don't think babe has even dropped yet, since it's still hard to breathe and such.  Everybody ahead of me, when does that happen?  I've...
Way to go, that's a real feat!  Congratulations.
Way to go!  Welcome, new babe!
So good to hear!  Welcome, baby!  Love the name.
Amazing!  Way to go, mama!
Eww, ants.  Hope you find a way to knock em out.   Happy birthing day, MaryE!  Wishing for all you prodromal mamas to have some babies soon.  That sounds so frustrating.  Nothing like contractions for me yet, I'm wondering how this one is going to go.  My mom asked me yesterday when I was planning to call her (she's going to hang out with DS during the birth), and I told her I'd call her when I call the midwife.  She asked me when I planned to call the midwife, and I...
You reminded me I haven't packed a hospital bag yet either!  Putting it on my List for today.  Here's what I'm going to do, which seems wacky but I need to do it.  The whole time I pack this bag, I'm going to say to myself, "if I don't pack this bag in preparation for going to the hospital, I'll surely need it.  If I pack it, I'll surely birth at home."  Basically sending myself opposite vibes?  Makes sense in my late-pregnant brain, anyway.
 Beautiful.  how do flowers DO that?
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