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normally, i'm on when dd is napping or after she's in bed although, i sometimes get online when she's watching dora or something
i had dd 2 weeks exactly after i turned 27 but it took 5 years to concieve her and since i have to wait a year to ttc (b/c of surgery), i'll be 31 when i have my second (if we concieve quickly)
honestly, i don't know exactly how much dh makes (even though i do the bills) but it's enough for me to pay the bills, have some left for savings and entertainment and still allow me to be at home with her. i quit teaching when i was 7.5 months pregnant, so we lost almost 30K then but it's the best decision we could've made.
DD has a tv in her room but only watches it to go to sleep (it's the one we take in the car b/c she hates being in the carseat when we go to visit my in-laws 6 hours away). she watches some shows during the day on nick jr. or pbs.
we don't cio at home but like jane, if she has a melt down in the car, we sometimes just keep going if we're very close to where we're going and talk to her until we get there. if we are traveling though, we stop and calm her down before going again
Breastfeeding Extended Breastfeeding Co-sleeping No CIO Non-Circ Non vax Babywearing Gentle discipline Cloth diapering *DD nursed until she was 2; we would've gone longer but I had gastric bypass surgery and my milk dried up. *We co-slept everyday until about 2 months ago and she started asking to sleep in her "big bed" so she sleeps there about 5 nights a week but normally comes and crawls in her bed about 4am *No CIO in this house! I...
here's a couple of recent ones of jaycie: http://pic1.picturetrail.com/VOL125/...7/25434227.jpg http://pic1.picturetrail.com/VOL125/...7/25393980.jpg here's the link to my web page~old pics tho; i need to update them ) www.candylayne.net
Hey Emily! Good to see you here too!! Thanks for the welcome everyone!!
hey steph! i just joined over here too
I'm Candy (29), DH is Jerry (32); we live in NW Florida and have a 2 year old DD, Jaycie who lives with us. We also have an almost 17 year old adopted son, Michael, who lives on his own now. Hope to get to know everyone.
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