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We live in VA and operate under the Religious Exemption clause which exempts us from any government interference.
Quote: Originally Posted by Momma Aimee How Christian / Biblical is A Child's History of the World ?? Aimee The dialogue assumes the reader is a Christian who believes in one God. Most times when religion is brought up it is in the context of how it compares to Christianity.
We use Sonlight and the history we have covered so far has been great. Most of the books we have used are Usborne: Usborne Book of World History, Time Travelers, Houses and Homes and Peoples of the World. These are all secular and since Sonlight is Christian they supplement with A Child's History of the World but you wouldn't have to use it at all.
I don't know about the CNM in Blacksburg but if you think about a homebirth I highly recommend Hannah Mann, CNM of Roanoke. We have used her 3 times and have been very pleased, also know her personally and she is great all around.
We are using Sonlight core 1 and the Bible book we have is "Leading Little Ones to God" by Marion Schooland. It has short lessons that a young child can follow and questions, recommended Scripture reading, a song and a prayer. I actually already had the book on my shelf and had never really looked at it but decided to get it out for devotion time in the morning. I really like it, the lessons are good: easy to understand but not watered down or childish. We have had...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lillian J And they often begin to notice things like the fact that he doesn't need to get up early to get to school, he doesn't have homework, he probably has more interesting materials, he gets to go on more field trips, etc. It's not uncommon for friends to start asking their moms of they can homeschool too. Lillian This is what happened with us. My kids are friends with the neighborhood kids and they think...
We have four and we know we want at least 2 more. We love babies, we love kids and I'm only 28 so there is plenty of time for us to space them out. I'm shooting for 6 in all with an extra in mind if the desire strikes when I go through my midlife crisis, lol.
We're all sick with a cold and not really hungry so we had mango smoothies with yogurt in them. A little ater 2 kids had an apple and one ate some leftover baked chicken she found in the fridge.
Floyd would also be a good fit I think.
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