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im the same. super sensitive, very worried about  my looks (feel like i was just getting my body back after two years of bfing dd2), kind of an overall wreck. and we live in the nw, too :)
lmao, no real advice, but this part made me lmao!   oh wait, i have some seamless underwear that fit great. no seam to bother the under part of the belly, but they're low cut so you don't have to try and coordinate the front and back. maybe something like that would work? i got mine from old navy, but i dont think they have them there anymore. i might have to check and see  now!
this one tells me i'm a week ahead of where i thought i was, too. lol.
so far i just have the two girls. i would love a boy of course, but i'm not counting on one. lol. this pg is different though- tons more nausea mainly, but when i say tons, i mean TONS. thankfully i've only thrown up once, but i think that's just because i'm stubborn and i hold it in if i can. i really feel awful, and i don't remember feeling this bad with the two previous pgs. of course it could mean nothing at all, lol. also my breasts are not sore like they were with...
that belly is adorable kelsey!
i'm 7 weeks today and i haven't even called mine yet. i have to find a new one i think, so i'm lagging. there's not too much to do in the first tri, so i'm not really sweating it. i hate the dr .
this would probably be our situation, too. i honestly wouldn't mind sharing a small space if we could de- clutter. we have too much stuff! i actually love our apt complex. it has a real "community" feel to it, and there are lots of crunchy families living here.
so our plan is to move into a bigger house and that i'll start an in-home daycare, but we've had a wrench tossed into them and dh may be laid off for a while. that would mean this would not happen right away. we are living in a 2 bedroom apt right now, which is shared between me, dh, and my two girls. so new baby would make 5 of us! honestly i'm not even sure our landlord would allow another person in here, so we may be scrambling for a new place to live next year....
even though we were trying for this one,  i was not prepared for it to happen on our first cycle! now i am very sick, working full time with 11 toddlers, and i have a busy 2 year old with suspected special needs along with a 7 yo with autism at home. AAAH! i feel like i didn't think it through and now things are so hard! i feel like i never ever get a break. and on top of all this, dh will likely be laid off for six weeks this summer, which is going to totally kill our...
is Lucielle a strange name? that's another family name- dh likes it because we could use luci for short. not sure if that's the way my family spells it- i need to double check. any thoughts? i can't figure out if it's too grandma sounding or not. any other names that shorten down to luci? i was thinking maybe lucia (pronounced loo- shee- uhh)?
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