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my ms is getting progressively stronger. still not bad at all- worse in the am and then little waves throughout the day. i'm only 5 weeks today though, so i'm sure it will get a lot worse. i think last time it hit full force at 6 weeks. otherwise tired, and today i'm feeling bloated and super icky. partially because i hardly moved all day today because i was tired, but now i'm not sure the icky bloated lazy feeling was worth it. lol. i ate a TON this weekend, but i never...
welcome! :D
oh no! :( . that is so sad. please take it easy, and keep us updated.
the other day i ate a cup of bean soup- BAD idea! lol!
that's normal for me when i get into the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. haven't been starved in the 1st yet, but i'm sure others are! it's a lot of work for your body to do.
my favorite has been anything dipped in sunflower seed butter (sunbutter) and... ? i really haven't had an appetite, which is weird because i'm not nauseated at all. just not hungry.
ugh we have lots of expenses coming up. i'm going to have to work full time through the whole pregnancy to try and keep up (not easy- i work in a room of 11 2 year olds- yikes!). we need to hopefully move into a house so i can try and start up an in home daycare, we're going to have to get new carseats and try to figure out some way to cram a booster, infant, and ff 5 pt into our forester (which i have heard is not easy), clothes if this is a boy, and a few diapers in...
i'm still in that phase where i hardly have any nausea ( i do get a little in the am), and i'm only 4 weeks so i *almost* wish it would happen already so i actually felt "pregnant". other than a little tiny bit of a swollen feeling in my lower abdomen, and some very mild nausea in the am, i really don't feel pg at all. i know it will hit full force though- i think last time it hit me by six weeks. for some reason though i don't have much of an appetite? that is not like...
dh had a huge say in dd2s name, so i get a big say in this one ( i would never pick something he totally hated lol). he picked gwyneth, which i love. i'm thinking either evelyn (family name), Charlotte, Miriam- i like "old lady" names. hehehe! for a boy we both agreed on samson last time, not sure if he's changed his mind or not. i think that one's ok, but i'd be open to other ideas if we thought of anything else.
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