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sorry this is sort of off topic, but how about raw honey? i didn't even stop and wonder whether i should be eating it or not. hmm. sprouts do sound yummy, dang it.
congrats! i love big families- i'm hoping for one more child after this, so hopefully four kiddos. that's a huge family in our area! people are going to be shocked at our three, i know. can't wait for the comments @@.
i've been less hungry so far, but i think that's mostly my nerves because i just found out. with both previous pgs ive craved fruits and veggies, which works out pretty well for me. meats and healthy fats are always hard for me to eat when pg. trying to get into the habit of eating whole fat yogurt for breakfast with honey and avocados, which are two things i've been able to stomach through both my other pgs. let's see, today i ate oatmeal for breakfast, a sunbutter and...
lol i need my forum fixes! especially since we aren't telling for a little while and i have no one to talk to!  
  i haven't even told dh yet! . took a test saturday am on an internet cheapie, and got a very very faint positive. got super excited and showed it to dh, and he told me i was crazy- no way was that a bfp! took a first response today in private and sure enough, bfp! i want to find a funny way to tell him just because he was so snarky to me yesterday. i think i'm going to wait a day until the line is a little darker and just have dd2 carry the test in to him before...
i always form strong aversions to many of the foods i eat in the first week or two of pregnancy, and then can't eat them for the rest of the pg! so for example while pg with dd2, dd1 was on a gfcf diet, and eating a lot of rice cheese. i actually really liked the rice cheese for some reason and i was eating a ton of it- then suddenly one day just looking at it made me want to die! today i was craving chocolate cake- NOT a good sign at only barely 4 weeks preg! lol. with...
got a bfp yesterday on an internet cheapie, and confirmed today on a first response! so excited, and a little nervous. i've had a little spotting, so i'll be calling in a day or so to see if they want me to come in and get checked (i've had spotting with my other two as well). look forward to chatting with you all! :D
so, i'm pretty sure we're expecting #3- and if not now, we're ttc so hopefully soon. problem is , before we decided to ttc again we bought a brand new 2011 forester. i LOVE it, but i've heard its hard to get three across the back. has anyone been able to do this before? i'll have one in a booster (7 yo), one ff (she'll be three by then- will rf until baby is born unless she hits weight limit), and then the baby. any ideas? i'm going to be sooo sad if we have to get rid...
we use the 1a book right now and its mostly so far been simple addition and subtraction. i think it sounds like your kids are doing great! hopefully someone more experienced with singapore can give you more help :)
omw out the door right now so don't have a ton of time, but i do read that kinda stuff to my dds. i don't exactly know why i feel its important, i just feel like it creates a good balance to a lot of the cartoony stuff that's out there now.
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