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thanks for the new replies! so far, so good. i even navigated our staff meeting dinner at work with no problems. i'm eating a LOT more whole grains. i was surprised that it took my tummy a while to adjust to the changes, but now it seems adjusted and fine. woohoo.
good idea!  
i agree with the pp. i just wonder how it would be if she really enjoyed the year home and then had to go back to school. what do you think of homeschooling? is it something you would consider for her long term if she started thriving? many families take different schooling avenues for their different children, and i think that's ok. how would your k child feel about the older child staying home? i guess if i was in your shoes and just beginning to consider...
i would agree to disagree. it will take him some time to get used to the idea too obviously. there are plenty of other things going on in your life that i'm sure you guys could talk about! i'm lucky- even my sil who teaches middle school has not given us any negative feedback. mil did tell dh that she thought it was "weird", but whatever. they just ask dd how she's doing in school like they do the other grandkids. whew!
thanks for the tips! i like the coconut milk idea. we do eat a tad bit of soy here and there, but not much. i have been cooking more with dried beans the last couple of days, which has been much easier than i thought, and much cheaper than the canned stuff. i made some great soup the other day! i can see that if i plan to cook from scratch i can definitely do this on the cheap, even with buying organic. just working on dropping the last bits of animal products from my...
well, we haven't tried ps at all, but dd (1st grade) has been doing great with hsing so far. i love having input into what/where/ when/ how she's learning, and i know she works much better here than she would at school. i can't imagine her in a desk all day long in a class full of other kids. she seems to be learning well (although again i can't compare to ps because we haven't been there), and she enjoys learning. she looks forward to school time most of the time! she...
i like the point chart idea, but i think we would have to use it so that dd was working towards something, like baking cookies or playing a video game. this is what her speech therapist does with her social group (three kids with aspergers- it gets wild lol) and he has had lots of success. don't know why i didn't think of it before? hmm. lol.
if we leave our routine, i have the same problems you do! i think keeping a routine is really important for kids. we get my dd's "boring"/ tougher subjects out of the way first, then move onto stuff she likes more. this has been working pretty well for us so far, and we usually leave school time each day on a happier note.
right now our schedule revolves around my job, which has typical hours. while i was home with the girls on maternity leave, dd1 (in k at the time) was going to bed about ten and waking up at maybe 8:30. if i had let her follow a schedule on her own clock, she would have been up till maybe midnight and awake by 9:30. she's a total night owl, but doesn't sleep in much to make up for being up late. dd2 is in bed by 9 pm and up really early, and is a total morning person....
that's a great site! i ordered a bunch of groceries today ( we love amazon fresh!), and we're going to get over to the health food store where they have lots of bulk beans, lentils, nuts, ect.. i love legumes and i doubt i'll be missing the texture of meat much. i think its the whole dishes (like things i ate in my childhood) that are things i'll miss until i figure out alternate ways to make them (which i'm sure i will). i can't wait to experiment with baking!
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