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Bored. Yes. I've been a sahm for 15 years. There's always plenty to do but rarely something I want to do. I get really really bored.  I try to keep myself intellectually stimulated but I find sahm very very boring for the most part.
I'd like the ability to completely hide certain forums especially in "show new posts"
My girls (12, 14, 15) go EOW to their father. I don't usually hear from them during the weekend unless we're on FB at the same time. When they were younger they never were allowed to call me. They never asked to talk to him either.   My littles (2.5 and 4.5) call their father basically every night or he stops by for 10 minutes or so every day to say hi/goodnight/ask about their day. When they are with him EOW either they call me or I call them to say goodnight each...
Growing up I only had one grandfather who lived with us til I was 8 then we saw him a couple times a month til he died when I was 16.   My kids see my mom usually Sunday afternoons when we visit her and Tuesday nights when she comes over for supper. Once she retires I'm sure it'll be more.   My kids' other grandparents live about 40 minutes away but are in my town 2-3 times per week. They never come see the kids despite the fact their other grandchildren live...
I am so sorry you are joining us here.
It breaks my heart when I think about the kids automatically going to their bio-dads. Not because I think they'd do a bad job, I think the kids would be "okay" but because it means my kids would be split up. The girls would go to their dad and the little ones would go to theirs. I can't see the girls' dad making any effort to keep them in contact with their siblings. I just have to stay alive til they are old enough to keep in contact themselves.
My stbx and I filed the first part of our joint divorce together on October 1st. No lawyers. $165 for the initial paperwork, when that is processed it is $280 and then we're done. We had a separation agreement that we had drafted ourselves (no lawyers) and just included it in the divorce. Thank God he is co-operating or I'd never be able to afford to get divorced if I had to go the lawyer route.
Stbx and I went and filed for divorce today. Part 1 is done, in 6-8 weeks we final part 2, the order is issued & it is final 31 days later. So by late December it should be all done. After we filed I went to a friend's house for a few hours then walked the Littles home. Partway home (as we were nearing stbx's street) my son melted down for Daddy so we went there and all went to the park together for a couple hours. It was a bit awkward but good at the same time. It kept...
When I had my fourth here (Ontario) they didn't even ask if we had a carseat when we left the hospital.
My son (4.5yo) who, after I told him it's rude to hollar "I poooooooped!" from the bathroom... now yells "Mom, can you SEE that smell?!?!?!" to get me to come in to wipe him
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