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I'd like to do a body cleansing diet but have concerns about effects in breast milk. Any ideas, books, blogs you might suggest? My baby is 15 months and we're vegetarian (if that makes any difference) Thanks
I wish. I have a 10 mo old and I work from home, full time. I have not been able to work out and my body is feeling it! I keep thinking next month but it has yet to happen. My clothes are so tight, my body is tight. Maybe next month...
My ds just had a bday yesterday. He LOVED K'nex, Legos and Magic School House books. We also got a human body book that he liked.
I'm not too worried yet but it is strange... My 10 mo old does not want to eat. He nurses and is a healthy weight. He will eat an occasional bite of my food but he won't eat anything I put in front of him. I used the book Super Baby Food with ds #1 and he ate superporriage for 3 years. He ate everything, this baby has eight teeth but seems indifferent to food. I'll give him a peeled nectarine or chunck of cantalope and he eats a bit (sometimes) but nothing more. I don't...
You might try another word instead of "no". Such as "stop" or "danger"
I have the same fear. I'm more concerned he'll pick something weird up and eat it and I can't see it happen. I find that in general when carried in a sling people don't touch my kids. Another benefit
My ds did the same thing. By two he was reading. At 6 he reads chapter books. There was no work involved. He just loved letters, numbers and reading. The interesting thing is I never pushed any of it, he did it on his own or through play he initiated with us. It'll be interesting to compare my ds2.
Yes! Our 9 mo old gets 99.9% of his nutrition from nursing. He hates, avocado, tofu, sweet potato, peach, carrot, quinoa, millet....He will eat cheerio type cereal. He loves bread crust and steals pizza crusts. Strange... His weight is fine so I'm not too worried but its strange. He gags on most food (tiny bites). He seems to gag on water from a sippy cup but drinks it fine from mine.
My DS #1 was like that. It was very challenging. We used a pilates ball to gently bounce him to sleep. (it took 30 minutes but was the only thing that worked. I would nurse until he relaxed and then bounce. The other thing that helped was a sling, he would fall asleep but always awaken when I'd lay him down. I tried NCSS. It did not work. I figure some people just don't sleep easily. He is one of them. The good thing is once DS falls asleep he is out for the...
fascinating. Thank you
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