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I'm due August 13 with my first baby. I am so excited and feeling great and just loving this growing life inside me. Its so amazing to be part of this ansestral journey into motherhood. I am planning a hypnobirth and loving the process. Last week while meditating I saw a strong lion, I believe representing my expected Leo child and I felt the strength in this child, it was beautiful. Is anyone else using hypnobithing?
I pregnant and hope some Moms out there could give me pointers on essentials for baby. I mean what can you not live without as a new mom and what in your opinions is extra and not needed. I feel a lot of what parents feel they need in this country is not needed and goes practically unused. But as a first timer how do you know? Any pointers??
I need some help from you moms out there. Maybe other first time Mothers feel the same, I don't know. I am due in August and and planning to cloth diaper my baby and go about parenting as simply and naturally as possible. My question to Moms is; What are the bare essentials for a new baby and family. I refuse to shop at Babies R Us and I don't like the commercialism associated with baby products. But everyone tells me different things. I mean do I need a baby monitor, I...
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