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Just a question: Is there any research about the rate of autism occurring in kid's who were never vaccinated?
This topic is very interesting to me. I too question getting an "official diagnosis" for my son. I have a 6 yr old who I think has ASD. We don't have insurance to pay for the lengthy process of diagnosis and I am told if I self pay now someday when I have insurance it will be a pre-existing condition. I don't see that my son needs medication. He needs special parenting and loads of patience.
What about nursing to sleep?
I started drinking kombucha and am nursing a 6 mo old. I have the same question. I'm assuming in small quantities it would not be harmful in breastmilk. I'm drinking it for the probiotic benefits.
I read your post and don't have any advice since I am new to this too. (although I was rather impressed with your DD tower) My only advice for you is to try and obtain a dx now because the sooner you get treatment the better for your kiddo. My son showed "different" behaviors from day one. He was not a tower stacker but was saying his ABC's at 15 mo. Reading at 2. Has precocious language. Yet, he can't interact in a social setting, he gets fixated on things, he does not...
I posted something similar and did not get responses. I am looking for alternative treatment for kids with OCDs or Aspergers type issues. I am especially interested in homeopathic, diet, herbs. Anyone have experience with this and offer advice? Thank you
I've been through this with a 2 yr old. We used to live in Central America. I recommend taking him to a Dr. Are you where there is a Dr who can do a stool sample? You should be able to walk into a lab and have a test done. Then carry the test to a Dr. Don't go to a hospital. The coco water is a great natural medicine. Does your friend have a recommendation for a dr? Unless he is grealy improved I suggest taking him in
I'd splurge and spend the $$ to bring the family along. Sounds like you and baby are pretty attached and seperation would be hard for you both. You'll enjoy yourself more if they are closer. It is a tough decision and a lot of $. (would be for me too) In the long term though I think you'd be glad you brought them. Plus you won't have to pump as much, worry about engorgment and all that stuff. Just my opinion. Know that what ever you decide you will al be fine!
I wonder if any of you have successfully used homeopathy for your child with Autism Spectrum. My son has NOT been DX with anything however we are in the process of obtaining a diagnosis. He is very smart and high functioning but he may have ODD, OCD or SPD or some kind of combination. I don't think he needs medication. I do think life would be easier for him if he was not so agitated by details and that there might be a natural remedy that would help us. I have used...
That is what I am worried about. Of course this stuff always happens on weekends! However, I was just reading on Web MD that FLU often lasts 3-5 days with a cough up to 2 weeks. We'll see how he does through the night and see a Dr. tomorrow if things don't seem better. I'm so worried. We never get sick, so when we do it is really scary to me.
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