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I had a friend do beautiful henna art on my belly. My five year old calls it "the blessing" and has to look at it often. I did a belly cast with ds #1 at 38 weeks. Sadly it fit me at 31 weeks! I may do one just to hang them side by side. I remember the casting itching so much, I've not bought the supplies.
Would you be willing to try hypnotherapy? Dear woman, we all do things we know are not "right". Be strong. Visualize the birth you want and make it happen.
Anyone else not have names picked out? We've been struggling since we found out and still have no names. We have a list of boy's names we like and a list of girls names we like but nothing seems to be the "right" name for our child. With our first we had a boy and a girl name set from the moment we knew we were expecting and we had a boy and I have always loved his name for HIM. I'm hoping when the babe comes out we'll just know. But what if that is not the case? Am...
My ds is a young kinder too. July 30. He started school Monday. It was tough. They don't do half say K where we live so my 5 yr old is in school 8-3. I think its too long but its what we have. The school he is at gets an outstanding score for schools in our state. Still... its hard. He said he cried a couple times on day one and today he told me that "my eyes are so red from crying so much". When I left the classroom this morning there were 5-6 kids crying. He was NOT one...
Depends on what you eat and where you get your food. If you cook from scratch its much cheaper. dried beans, rice, lentils, nuts are mainstays for vegetarians. All are affordable when bought in season, etc. It also depends on what you grow. I have a garden, seasonal fruit trees, pecan trees so being a vegetarian is pretty cheap. My family eats off $60 a weekly for 3. We don't buy a lot of processed foods or frozen vege meals. Seems I splurge on things like tempeh,...
I choose local farmers market first. Then organic second. I read Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingslover I recommend this book if you are pondering our food sources. I also did a study group through the Northwest Earth Watch Institute www.nwei.org on called Menu for the Future and the entire study course asks this question. Best of luck to you.
I'd be very careful with artifical sweetners and HFCS. Both scientifically are a far cry from natural. The natural food stores have a myriad of naturally flavored sodas you might try. I think Hansen's is natural and you can even pick that up at Costco
Some apprehension is normal I think. We do ourselves more good if we focus on the positive what if's... Not the negative. I've been writing them down. What if... I have vivid, active birth, how will I feel after? How will my baby be affected by that positive of a beginning? What if... I am able to birth in a few short hours? How will I feel? How would it affect my baby? What if... all my best visions and intentions are relized at the birth of my baby? How will...
You poor dear! How scarey and what a PAIN! I've seen those type of ticks before in Central America not here but not shocked to find they'd be here too. I hope you and the dogs are all clear and healthy!
Anyone else Hypnobirthing? I am and have been doing the CD's now for a couple months. My mw is very positive about it. Husband is reading the books and preparing some. How ready do you feel? I'm not sure.
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