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I got a PT job (about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours a day) at my son's school as a recess monitor. It pays a little more then min wage! It gives me something to do outside the house and still leave us with a little extra cash!
Just wanted to see if there are more one car families?????   We're a one car family, mainly because I don't drive. I just got my green card, so I don't know how to drive yet. I applied for a job at my DS's school (about mile and a quarter) and I got hired on as a Crossguard & Cafeteria monitor. I will walk to his school on the times I have to be there, hang around the school between shifts, or walk back home clean and go back for the lunch shift!   We live in a...
I am starting on Monday at my DS's school as a cross guard in the AM (7 Am - 8 AM), then walk home (10 minutes) then I walk back to be back at school at 11 AM to be the lunch monitor till 12:25PM then I stay around school and then I do the crossing guard thing again at 2:30 - 3 PM. I do it to help my husband out with bills, he is supposed to get a raise but we haven't seen it yet. We just need a little extra money! We're a one car family, so that is why I walk. Hubby...
Quote: Originally Posted by EarthRootsStarSoul Ann, you are already a survivor! Now I got life coming my way. Bring it on! I say! Time to square off and take the challenge! Thanks! You're right, one guarantee we have is that we're all going to die one day, might as well live it now.
I struggle with myself on this topic! We live in the city where there have been drug bust, drive by's etc! However, our immediate street has tons and tons of kids! My son is 8 years old who has many friends, but I feel uncomfertable having him play by himself in the front yard of his friends house who lives right next door! One side of me thinks I should allow him at least that much freedom, but than again I was kidnapped when I was little and remember how fast it can all...
Quote: Originally Posted by EarthRootsStarSoul Last year my ex was trying to kill me, so I had to face death already. I got burnt out worrying about it, now I don't even care. Wow! I am sorry you had to deal with this but I can relate! I was in a abusive relationship with my ex who tried to suffocate me with a pillow! Its exhausting worrying about death, dying of an illness. I should be living not worrying about dying.
Tonight was AWESOME!!!!
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