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That's really creepy, but try not to panic. I hope you get some of it back. What a pain.
Just FYI, if you were overwithholding on your taxes earlier in the year, you could have underwithheld later when you found out about it. Since it's December, it's too late now, but if the issue comes up again, you might want to adjust your withholdings so that you get more upfront rather than wait for a refund. I hope things work out this month.
I disagree that there is nothing you can do -- although you may be stuck in the end. Payments used to be considered on time if they are postmarked by the payment due date -- regardless of whether they tell you you have to mail it 3-5 days in advance. There have been a number of consumer-unfriendly changes in the law over the past decade, it wouldn't surprise me if it had changed. If you've ever heard "the check is in the mail," that's where that came from. I had...
Are they reusable?
OMG, the exact same thing happened to me. I had two pairs of shoes, identical except one was black and one dark brown. I was practicing as a lawyer and had a meeting with the SEC. I'd had an early morning flight to DC, and got dressed in the dark so as not to wake my ex. I noticed it at lunch time, and couldn't think of anything else for the rest of the day.
I never had that problem because all my life, the tank was on the same side. But I just got a Subaru in May, and it's on the opposite side and I can't for the life of me remember. Even if I try to remind myself that it's on the opposite side, it's erased my memory of that. I've looked like a fool more than once trying to turn my car around when I've guessed wrong.
I hope thins lighten up soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shelsi With the VA loan we can do no down payment. I haven't looked into getting quotes or anything yet, but we should be able to get a good interest rate. Last time I checked a few months back both dh and I were just a few points shy of an 800 credit score. How do I figure out an estimate for how much the PMI would be? Or is that just factored in automatically into the payment? My MIL said when they buy a house they...
"Top of the line" everything: computers, camcorders, tvs, you name it, I'm compelled to by the model with the most bells and whistles. Problem is, I'm a techno-dinosaur and can barely use the basic features. I still need to unplug my alarm clock to get it to shut off, and I'm wondering where the directions are to my watch so that I can set it to daylight savings time.
'm so sorry. I hope he's back to work soon.
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