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Quote: 6. Do not post to invite MDC members to other boards for adversarial purposes or post inflammatory information about discussions at other boards. Clarify this please? Does it mean "do not post inflammatory information about discussions happening at other boards on MDC" (don't bring a fight over here) or does it mean "do not post information about discussions at MDC on other boards" (don't take your fight over there)? I would assume that...
Put C on your back for sure! one of the cute pro breastfeeding t's on E boys cloth on the line sounds great so does the wooden toys in the garden Can't wait to see a copy of the article! Chole
Beloit! Chole
I guess it is a matter of perspective. I grew up on this same farm and have worked with my aunt in the past. I also trust my SO opinion because he worked in a cancer hospital and has seen many disturbing things in his life. I spoke to my mother about this earlier and her comment was "oh it's sooo cute when A hands her mom tools during surgery." I guess too that most people's definition of "farm" doesn't really match my aunts. There are no animals on the farm except clients...
Im just looking for some input on a family situation that I've recently learned about. I have a gut feeling, but I'm not sure if it's because of other factors or if my feeling is justified. My aunt is a vet. She works out of a clinic on her farm. Her 3yr old daughter (A) is there as well. Today we discovered that A is frequently in the room while my aunt performs surgeries on small animals. Apparently this has been going on since A was a tiny baby. My aunt refuses to...
Ivy, Jade & Virida (all green names) Chole
Sounds just like my house. Last time I was PMSing the closest I could come was chocolate peanut butter spirutein. I don't think "protein drinks" really count when your looking for junk food! Chole
I don't know but I'm so sorry for your DS. My DD is only 4.5 and already 42". I feel so bad for her because when she was small enough for things like that she was to young to want to do them. Now that she wants to do them she can't and it's not because of something she can control. I'd write to the company, or honestly, if there isn't an attendant or someone inforcing the "rule" I'd let him play regardless of height. Chole
Being "trash" is about attitude. Trashy people have bad attitudes, they do things for their own self interest without considering the consiquences to the people around them. They are self centered, selfish and nasty. They do not care about others and never think of anything except what they want and the easiest way to get it. I doubt you are trash. It takes a lot to be real trash but when you meet someone who is, you know. Chole
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaInTheBoonies I wonder if that was you I saw? I did witness a girl punch a man upside the head and his eyeball popped out. He fell to the ground and his eyeball bounced off the sidewalk. I think I'll always have nightmares. It was gross, beyond gross...seeing his eyeball hanging out by the optical nerve YUCK!!!! Actually I stabbed him straight in the eye with my thumbs with the intention of poping his eyeball out....
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