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You didn't have a less than 6 weeks option. I didn't "get" any time off - I took my 2 weeks vacation and 2 weeks sick time (max you can accrue at my job) for a total of 4 weeks. I could have taken FMLA but unpaid leave wasn't really an option at the time as I am the main earner in the family.
me too
Spotless, but you can blame ocd dh for that one. After 16 years together, I've learned to just play along...
We had to completely cut ourselves off from dh's heroin addict sister for years. It was hard, but you have to get to that point. My dh actually helped her son's father take custody away from her because it was the right thing to do at that time. She knew if she got clean, we'd help her, but couldn't until then. And my dh was very consistent with it. She came to stay with us once when she'd gotten out of rehab - as soon as she started hanging around with her old crowd...
All I wear is thongs - cotton, bigger size than I probably would for bikini style. For 10+ years. It took maybe 2 days to get used to it then I didn't even notice it anymore. I hate panty lines. I also hate the fad of showing your thong above your pants, but hey, if showing your underwear to others is important to you, go for it...
My dh does not see his mother and she lives in the same town we do. I used to wish they could repair their relationship, but he is actually much healthier with out her in his life, so I've changed my mind. Which is sad, but I think now its for the best. He can't totally get away from all the history and pain in the past, but it does help the present. MIL has seen our dd once since she was born. I'm sorry if it ends up that way for you, but it may end up less painful...
Love love love Tori. I love piano music, so I really like it when its just her and the piano. And who says you can't have a harpsichord in a rock song. Little Earthquakes is still the best.
I do, but I'm scratching my head trying to think if I've heard that one yet. I do laugh at a lot of their clips though - Luckily you can get them through streaming audio on the internet so I can listen at work too
Great Thread. I love Tori Amos lyrics - I won't even start on those. "You promised me everthing You promised me thick and thin Now you just say, 'Oh, Romeo, yeah, you know, I used to have a scene with him'" from Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits - I love the lyrics to that whole song but I'll limit it "This one here, She was always high-school nice to me But I know she's one of many who's faking it when it comes to being real" from Smoking by Goodness
31, planned, but I got pregnant quicker than expected.
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