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I think it has a lot to do with the freezing procedure as the female sperm tends to succumb in poor conditions. The number I heard when we were TTC was closer to 60% likelihood of frozen sperm producing male babies. Our bank claimed their samples resulted in a 55% male /45% female split. That said, our donor's frozen sperm has resulted in 10 boys (2 of which are mine) and 2 girls last I checked.
Yes. We moved to a new state when our boys were 2 years and 3 months respectively and the five months since have been some of the hardest of my life. Our new plan is for my partner to take the kids one day a week so I can do whatever I want on that day. OP, could your husband handle the kids one day out of the weekend to give you that freedom? If all day is too much, start out with one morning or afternoon and go from there. But make it a priority, a no-compromise weekly...
cyclamen, thanks for the reminder about theory of mind. It's so hard to remember how young my older kid is because he's very verbal and has been for a long time. But you're right, he doesn't know what "cutting" a person means yet.   Alicewyf, He doesn't go to daycare or preschool currently, but he did start the cutting talk shortly after seeing Puss in Boots. Whoops.     mamazee, that makes sense. Right now, he only talks about cutting Grammie and other kids at...
Hi there,   Forgive me if this has been discussed before. I tried to search through the archives but couldn't find anything. We have two boys, our oldest being 2.5. He has gone through stages of hitting but doesn't act out violently unless he's very upset when he'll swat at one of us. He does chase the cat and do other things that seem to be intentionally harmful toward the cat like sitting on him but with his baby brother, he's usually very gentle.   However,...
First, read this: http://attachmentparenting.org/blog/2009/04/02/baby-led-sleep/   I've coslept (in the same bed) while nursing two boys, 23 months apart. My first woke every 1-2 hours for the first YEAR to nurse until I weaned him at 13 months when he almost immediately began sleeping 8 hour stretches. My second has only nursed 2-3 times a night since birth, except for sick times or teething moments. He's 8 months now and still such as easy sleeper. We didn't do a...
If you have a conservative ped, he or she will never like it. Those types think family beds at any age are dangerous and cause children to develop "attachment disorders." Total crap, of course. My two boys who've both coslept in our bed since their first days alive have never been harmed and are both almost too independent. 
A lot of crunchy moms are anti-u/s or at least anti more than 1 u/s. I think there's also a notion that the 3d/4d business is more focused on profit than health and safety. I'm not arguing for or against just providing a possible explanation for the boo.
I couldn't get the website to work last night either but it worked for me last week. I'd give them a call to learn more. :)
No experience with these providers but I just wanted to say that I switched at 22 weeks with my first son from an OB to a midwife group and there was no insurance stress at all. I expected it but the midwife office simply filed my new patient info and I never heard anything from the the old OB's office or my insurance company. Not sure if that's the norm but that was my experience.
There's a new birth center in Statesville: http://www.facebook.com/naturalbeginningsbirthcenter?sk=info Looks like it would only be an hour away from you. I'm also new to the area but have been told by many that Winston hospitals (especially Forsyth) are not midwife-friendly at all. One mom friend just accidentally had her baby at home but she was set to deliver w/a midwife at a hospital in Greensboro. I can ask her for that info if you'd like it.
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