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We're in east atlanta and have longed for the same thing. I'd say we should start one but we're getting ready to move out of state. The closest thing I've found is the East Atlanta Parents Network events. We went to one event recently and had a lot of fun. See here: http://www.facebook.com/EAPNet
So, we're officially moving to Winston-Salem! Yikes! Yay! Eep!   SpiderAndi- Woohoo! PMing you.   Chickabiddy--thanks for the info! My partner wants to be close to work so we're sticking to W-S. But it seems like it would be easy for us to drive to Greensboro for social events. 
My family is Irish and English with fair skin and light eyes. I'm one of those people who will burn with 20 minutes of sun exposure. I've had my D levels checked and they came back "excellent." I'm also a very healthy eater so I don't believe my diet is to blame. I think cancer risk is mainly genetic. My grandfather, grandmother, and mother have all had melanoma. My sister and I have both had precancerous moles removed in our 20s. My grandparents and mother burned plenty...
Ellis Sea was born May 2nd at 12:46am in the water. We plan to call him Izzy. Thanks again for all your replies and suggestions! 
I'm the baby-carrier in my relationship. My partner has been in grad school during both of my pregnancies which, while not comparable to DP being pregnant alongside me, has been very hard and similar in some ways I think, mainly due to me feeling like I didn't have her around or present enough to get the support I needed.   First of all, if you've not been pregnant before, there's no way to know what pregnancy will be like for you. You could be like my sister who is...
Total crap. Our son's motor skills are not delayed and there's no man-initiated rough-housing in his life either. Maybe your father's comment was coming from a place of insecurity--as in, your choice to raise children with two moms and no father is somehow a comment on his fathering. Of course, he could also just be regurgitating the socially-constructed gendered family norms with which our culture indoctrinates people. Either way, I'm sorry you're dealing with that. I...
I hear you. Atlanta is ridiculous--at least on our income. Good luck with the decisions. They're hard enough without the complicating factors. With my partner on the job market, we've been considering all kinds of places and it's always so frustrating that we have to consider the queer-friendliness of a place at all.
Yeah, if we move there, we'll have two boys already adopted my parter in GA. We're hoping for a 3rd and if NC still hasn't passed 2nd parent adoption by the time #3 arrives, we plan to just get all the protective documents we can. We figure if something were to happen to me, the authorities would be less likely to split up the kids just because one of them wasn't officially adopted by my partner. Of course, hopefully nothing like that ever happens.
Well, I'll report back if we end up there. :)
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