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A friend of mine visited there yesterday to do a little shopping with her teen and littles. While waiting for her teen, she began nursing her ds on the couches right outside the dressing room. One of the employees approached her and informed her that "WE have a dressing room ready for you RIGHT NOW to FINISH." When my friend was confused (she didn't need to try on any clothing lol) the employee said "WE recommend it (that she use the dressing room.)" My friend left the...
Anybody know where the cheapest COLLEGE RULE comp notebooks are?? Every year I find masses of wide rule comp books for cheap, but not college rule.
Don't forget, too, that the new Public Service Loan forgiveness program is in effect! Take out your loans, work as a nurse full time for 10 years and pay into those loans for 10 years, and the rest is forgiven. Could you do tele monitoring, I wonder?
Oh, and we loved calvert.
I think I have the 6th grade calvert with teacher's guide. PM me if you are interested!
4 votes lol!
Quote: Originally Posted by bailefeliz Just want to point out that the evidence based positive outcomes of both the Dutch and BC studies cannot be used to demonstrate safety of US home birth culture which allows high risk practices in out of hospital management or for birth when not attended by a trained, skilled attendant. Dutch indications screen out all multiples, malpresentation including breech, previous c/s for out of hospital birth. BC system...
Quote: Originally Posted by bailefeliz bethanydear--I am in the lovely NW, and so happy to be here, both for progressive hospital OB care (3 hospitals in our area offer water birth) and because of our extensive home birth community. The best of all worlds! Sounds dreamy! I'm working med surg because the birth environment in my town is so appalling to me.
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