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I am 3 days past our due date, and am really struggling. It just has not been an easy pregnancy emotionally. I had a bunch of preterm labor scares, and thought for sure we would have a baby as soon as I stopped taking it easy at 37 weeks. In fact, one of my midwives was out of town until I was 37 1/2 weeks, and we were all concerned I would wait until she got back. Well, her I am at 40+3. I've never even seen a due date come and go, and I am just so frustrated. My...
Congrats! A beautiful name, too!
Nic, I'm as short as you are, and probably you are right, there is just not much space left to move. Kitty, it is funny, my guy gets super active, and then I get a bunch of prodromal labor. I guess what makes me nervous is that hasn't happened in a few days. I have felt him move more today. So, I at least feel good about that. It sounds like a lot of our little ones are starting to slow down.
How slow are we talking? Mine seems to give the smallest stretch or wiggle, but lately, there is not much else. He's cramped, I wouldn't expect kicks, but it just seems like there is not much activity lately. A little here, a little there, lots of nothing. When do I worry? I did have a brief check-up with our shadow care folks on Thurs, and his hb was 160 (higher than it usually is), so I know he's still ticking away in there. Just inactive.
Yay!!! Can't wait to hear about your sweet arrival.
I'm looking forward to loosing my plug and having bloody show. So far it has only ever happened during labor, so it is usually a sure sign things are ON. I will be so giddy. I was having a few good contractions last night, and remembering how you only need to take one at a time. That is a comfort. I look forward to focusing on that.
My baby has been head down for a couple months, but the bulge at the top can seem to change in size depending on which way he is facing. When his back is to mine his butt feels small, when he is anterior the butt feels huge. Hopefully your baby is just being a good girl/boy and finding a perfect anterior position.
So, for those who have been there before, what part of labor/birth do you like/look forward to this time around? My favorite part is early labor. I love it when things are so exciting, yet not so crazy tough you feel like you can't joke between contractions or get things done. I also love the work of pushing. It makes me feel powerful, and useful, even though my body does most of the work. I still like to push with it because it just feels like what I was made to...
Quote: Originally Posted by kittywitty Things suddenly got oddly quiet here, too. Cervix was super low saturday and I easily felt dilation. Then sunday I lost tons of mucous. I've lost a little since then, but my cervix is waaay back now compared to saturday, my ctxs have been less intense, less cervical pain/pressure...I don't know what's up. Calm before the storm? Hopefully this kid at least makes it through to this weekend after ds'...
Quote: Originally Posted by kittywitty Then I freak out about the pain of childbirth and don't know if I can do it again. This is my biggest issue with the prodromal stuff. I have been getting anxious about labor when the ctx are good and strong, which makes me worry that I'm letting myself get too physched out to actually go into REAL labor. I'm caught in such a head game the last few days. And then to find out my cervix is closed... I...
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