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Love the teething tablets.
Malcs was born early, too. 4/16. I think the triplets were the earliest in our group.
I could be an admin, too. I've had to get my babywearing addiction in check, too. I love my Didytai and Didymos wrap usually, but got a Tula...for my husband. I like it because it's easy to pop Malcolm on my back, but Phil wears him in it all the time now. Hooray for daddy friendly carriers.
Sooooo cute! By the way, love the blue scales sling! I'd be down with starting a Facebook group.
Malcolm tried solids for the first time the other night! (3 days shy of his 7 month birthday). He was so excited...until he tasted the avocado! Tried a taste of my banana the next day, too. I think it may be a while before he's into anything other than mama milk. (Fine with me. Maddox didn't even start solids until 8 months, Malcolm just seemed more interested so we offered a earlier with him.) I'll continue to offer every so often and follow his cues. Wanted to share...
Cuties! I see Sandor has an amber necklace on. Had to dig one out for Malcs, too. He started acting fussy last Tuesday, then cut his first tooth on Saturday and his second on Monday! I do think the necklace helped him with the discomfort.
Hey mamas! Here's Malcolm at 6 1/2 months.
We did BLW with Maddox and will do it again with Malcolm. We introduced solids at 8 months (we were moving from Alaska to Maryland at around 7 months, so just decided to wait instead of adding one more big change in to the mix.) but he really didn't get super in to eating until closer to a year. It was more of a fun, experiment/diversion kinda deal for him before that. For us, solids before 6 months is a no go. Any time after 6 months and the kiddo is showing...
It's kind of hit or miss with Malcolm. He'll either nurse to sleep or we turn on music and "dance him to sleep." (Nice because daddy can get in on the action.) Sometimes he'll stay asleep in bed by himself. Other times he'll keep waking up. If he seems restless, we just bring him out with us and let him sleep on our chests. I figure, at least I have a good excuse to ignore the laundry sitting on the couch while my husband folds it. (Sorry, hon. I'd help but, you...
So sweet, nstewart! Here is of pic of Malcolm from today at the Sonoran Desert Museum. (It's almost entirely outdoors.) It was super hot, so we stayed in the shade while the big boys trekked through the desert.
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