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My belly is mostly back to normal. It shrank almost entirely after the first week. I gained about 25 lbs this time and lost 20 right away. I did the same with my first, then hung on to about 5 lbs for a couple months and I seem to be following the same pattern. I'm still waiting on my linea nigra to disappear. It's even darker and more defined now than when my skin was more stretched over my pregnant belly.
Ugh, so it looks like I have another one who hates the car seat. I can't blame Malcolm, because really, who wants to be strapped in a bucket where you can't stretch rather than in someone's arms? Preferably a lactating somebody. Unfortunately, car rides are a necessity. In fact, we have a 7 hour ride looming on Saturday. My husband got orders unexpectedly early, and we are moving from New York to Arizona! Like....now. Eek! We'll be driving as a family (mom, dad, big...
I'd be interested. My son is 7 lbs 12 oz and 6 weeks old. We live in the states.
Malcolm is 6 weeks old! I can't believe it! Big brother loves holding him. It took a little time for him to adjust, but now he's all about the babe.
Hang in there! I know it's hard, though. My first came at 41 weeks and a day. Your little one will be here soon!
This, exactly. The bleeding is coming from where the placenta was attached. Until it is healed, it would be a good entry point for germs and susceptible to infection.
I wouldn't put anything inside your vagina for a while. I'd worry about infection, ya know? If you're still bleeding then there is still an unhealed wound. I hated wearing pads, too. Yuck. Felt like I had a freaking pillow between my legs and I'd unintentionally purchased the largest granny panties to wear. :/ They went above my belly button. Haha!
Welcome to the world, Astrid! What a great birth story!
Congrats, Mama!
Quest is gorgeous!
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