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We have moved since then, back to home. Anyway we ended up going to Access Family Care. They have midwifes on staff as well. They did not require vaccines to be seen however they wanted me to sign the form. I refused and gave them the modified AAP form found here on mothering in the vaccine forms. 
I called up Dr. Kate and begged for a place in her care. She took us back on 
Hi. I am moving back to the Columbia area after two years in Joplin. Prior to moving we were seeing Dr. Kate at Namaste. I have been told she is not taking new patients at this time. I called and did not get a return phone call. Any other recs? We are vaccine free at this point. Green Meadows in Columbia is not an option as one of the providers hot lined me for medical neglect (long story but what let me to Dr. Kate originally)    I will be living in Moberly. Willing...
I requested to join the FB group. I'm in Joplin but can travel a bit
I just moved away from Columbia to Joplin. As far as health care I would suggest Namaste Health Care in Ashland. Two sisters run the clinic. Kate Branham is the FNP and works with the kids mainly. Her sister is Dr. Early.   I do not vaccinate and nursed my daughter until she was 4. She had no qualms with either.  They are just a little family practice but I can not give them enough praise. I personally think Kate saved my nieces life by detecting a heart issue the...
Well sorry I was no help. they had a midwife on staff when we called I dunno a little over a year ago.
Do you know if this doctor is open to new patients?
Have you checked out the birth center in Columbia? Might want to check this lady out. She lets you do water birth but in hospital but she may know other resources. http://www.cchfulton.com/staff/bio.php?doc_id=40850 Also Moberly Hospital has a midwive now.
Namaste Health Care in Ashland. 573 657 7330 My sister and I both have our children go there. She partially vaxs and I do none. They honor both of our decisions.
I am looking for a letter I had given to my doctor back in early 2008? or late 2007 . It basically was a modified letter from what the doctors wanted me to sign.... any one know what I am talking about,
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