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Personally I would use a snappi with a breastfeed baby. They have major exploive poos. You get such a more custom fit when you can hold the diaper snug against baby. I have tried everal times to not use pins or snappi and I end up changing baby twice as often bc diaper is slipping or clothes get wet... For newborns I have heard kissaluvs size 0 are perfect. Pins take a little practice and it took me about two months to realize you dont have to go through all the...
I am wondering more about the health benfits. DN had open heart urgery to fix a reversed valve and two holes. Then she ened up in the hospital with gatro issues. She has had an almost constant cold her whole life. Nose is always snotty and congeted. When I give her my milk for the next day or so she breathes easier. My milk "sours" quickly and so I would have to give it to her daily. I know that no milk is worse then a little but would it make much inproment to her health....
Hope you DC feels better soon. I agree nuring is a wonderful soother.
Quote: Originally Posted by kalamos23 I have an off the charts little girl for height and weight -do you know how tall he was when he outgrew the seat? Just trying to get an idea of how long I may have in a Marathon - DD is 32" right now at 9 mo. How long is DD torso? That will help determine.
I am gonna measure my seat tommorow vs. older measurments....
IS there any health benefits to only an ounce a day or 3 or 4 ounces a week? DN is not BF but mom is open to me pumping. I am a horrible pumper.
Is it possible or did they make the shell of the scenera get taller recently? My daughter is in the 87% for height . She had outgrown the older one, so we gave it away. Now we were playing with seats recently and she fit in the scenera again. I notticed this one had three crotch heights. We ended up buying it. How would she out grow one and then fit in it again 5 month later? I am still perplexed.
I know very off topic. However it is "junk" if it will harm a child. Outgrown and usable , donate away.
As a women who has been in a shelter DONT doante old expired car seats. That is not helpful in the least. Our children are jut as needing, but we dont want/need your junk seats. Expired seats are not safe. I wouold not use one for my kids, would you? These moms have enough worries as it is. If you want to help: Donate YOUR time. Donate Resources BUY NEW SEATS ETA: geiamama I see you say "working" That is different if they have not been in a crash, are not...
any one watch tonight? cameron and chase get engaged....they are so NOT right for each other
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