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PM me if you would like the name of a lady who can give you the goods on the local orgain trade. farmers markets. She iss my g-ma. She has a green houe buiness....she could help you a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by jeliphish The whole episode was cast in such a dark manner. Even House's hair looked a different color. I almost could stand it. I thought that was my old tv acting up. I got up and messed with the tv many times.
I did not need inserts even when my dd was close to PT. We just used rolled up prefolds-like a size smaller then whatever you are using. For detergent I used All free and clear or jut regualr purex Personally I did not/could not afford all the fancy gadgets. but that is the fun with clothing you cant ever have to much and if something does not work for you you can sell it on craigslist and someone ele may have better luck.
Personally I would only buy what you need now. Prices go up and down. As you get to know cloth diaper brand you can find better deals. You dont know if you will have short/chunky short/skinny fat/long Differnt babies fit diaper different. As for the covers I got by with 2. One for mommie milk poo and a back up. I really did not need any more than that. It sure i fun to look though
Quote: Originally Posted by Bran OMG, thank you so much for posting this!!! Can you all reassure me that I bought the right thing for me I got 12 infant regular 12 infant premium (i'm just not sure which I should buy so I got 12 of each to test them out) and 12 baby regular How old is the baby? 36 prefolds for one baby? Sounds good to me. That would be like a washign every 2-3 days. VERY doable. Have you gotton cover/snappi/pins...
I dont think my colors ever ran. I wahed diapers of different colors and never saw evidence....
Quote: Originally Posted by PatienceAndLove We should all chip in money and send her one! They have a sling. A episode how one of the older girl with one on. No baby in it though.
I have dyed my cloth bright purple sunhine orange and baby pink Looked great. I used "RIT"? Whatever they sell in the laundry section at walmart. I ued extra salt and let it it twice as long. We have really hard water and the fabric i thicker than what I think the stuff i usally used for...
I did see a scene where one of the lil girl were nursing a doll and she took the doll out oh her hand and changed the subject to being nice to babies...uhhhmm, what was that about one of the blurbs that came on the screen said she has been nuring for more than 20 years. Maybe she nures even when she is pregnant or nursed the early ones for longer. I could really care less about how long she nurses that is up to each mom but the car seat use is HORRIBLE They are...
I think they do cloth or had clothed. THey use the walmart brand diaper in one episode but another one shows a huge diaper cake with cloth diapers. I know for the storm they were showing we were with out lights for 3 weeks, Kinda hard to wash.dry diapers that way......:
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