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I just wanted to say an official good bye to all of you wonderful ladies! Your support to me has been so helpful. I hope all of you carry your babies full term and have healthy, happy pregnancies! When your babies do arrive, please give them an extra hug for me!
I am continually touched by everyone who is reaching out to us and offering support! Our community is absolutely amazing us and taking such good care of us. Thank you to those here, just knowing we're in your thoughts gives us comfort.
I just want to put another thanks out there to you all. I am so incredibly grateful for all the support that we are getting from all over. I'm amazed by how people are reaching out. Even people I may only know online or not have even interacted with before. Words are not adequate, but thank you is all I have.      
"At 7:03pm Sebastian Peter Garey was still born into our loving arms. Our deep sadness was mixed with marvel at this beautiful little miracle. We will grieve when we have to say goodbye to him, so in these final moments we are imprinting his perfect visage into our hearts. We have been deeply touched by your tremendous outpouring of love, compassion, support and meaningful sentiments. This road will be a very difficult one to walk, but we are comforted in knowing that we...
He's gone. No clear reason. They told us they frequently won't know. We're heartbroken. I'm in the hospital to be induced later this morning. We're sick, confused and so terribly sad. Your thoughts and/or prayers would be greatly appreciated as we go through this dark and scary process.
My midwife came by, arrived about an hour ago. She couldn't find heart tones, only cord and those were quite low. So, we're headed in to the hospital to get him checked out. Positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
My placenta is in the back, so not a hindrance to feeling movement. He's usually pretty active, except that in comparison to my other kids, his movements are much lighter than theirs were. Here We Are, I'm referring to just movement on his own, without me doing anything. Although, I have tried. I pressed on my belly to try to get him to move, I even laid on my stomach to see if it would cramp his space enough to get him to move, but no dice. I've given myself another...
I'm just now laying down. Have had some water, but a lot of tea and just finished a cold protein shake. Finally could get away to my room where it's quiet. Hopefully, I'll be able to feel something soon.
So, I just realized I haven't felt the baby in a while. Like maybe a day or two. I've been sick, so maybe I just haven't been observant. I'm a day shy of 26 weeks. I've always had very active babies, so I'm not sure what would be considered a "normal" amount of time between feeling movements. Anyone have any ideas? I'll definitely be paying attention now. Hopefully, I'll feel something soon. Feeling a little concerned.
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