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Wow, that stinks. My MFM has always been great. Any chance you could get co-care like I've got? I'm so happy with the midwife I got this time.
Sounds like you likely have a healthy, just very active, baby in there. Glad you're getting an u/s today put your mind at ease.
I'm thrilled to be doing a home birth this time and my midwife comes to me! My high risk stuff is a 25 minute drive up there freeway, so not too bad.
Response #3: Distraction is probably the main "technique," coupled with as much patience as she can muster. Perhaps she could try for weaning during the morning (when it appears to be most stressful for her). If she can gear up so that she's going out with him, never sitting down herself, trying to keep on top of the situation so that he doesn't ask, etc., then maybe a partial weaning will take enough pressure off the situation so that she can live with the nursing at...
Response #2: It sounds like he still needs it. But... I'd suggest taking a diary of all his nursing sessions and weaning one at a time, starting with the one least important to him. I'd discuss and point out how his friends and fave cartoon characters don't nurse anymore. When it comes to the favorites i'd get some really special toys to pull out as distraction and make sure he is nice and full at night. I'd also start a new way of getting him tired for the first few...
Okay, here's the first of three responses. I hope there's something that can help you (or others) here:Honestly, I"m not really sure. It seems like more of a relationship/parenting question than anything. And I've never dealt with any of the things she mentioned. Hmmmmm....... And that close time be substituted with a new ritual slowly? What about talking with him about how big boys don't nurse and maybe planning a party for when he's ready to wean without putting pressure...
Would you like me to post the responses I've gotten here or PM you?
I've been feeling that little bubbly feeling as well. Usually when I'm laying on my back and my bladder is full. Excited for bigger more definite movement!
Oh, so sorry for your loss! Hugs, Mama!
New Posts  All Forums: