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Here's one thing that I tell everyone about. It is hand's down one of the best things I have ever got. It saves so much headache and hassle installing a car seat! And you can get the seat installed so much tighter and more secure than by hand. http://m.toysrus.com/skava/static/product.html?type=TRU_product_us&url=%2Fproduct%2Findex.jsp%3FproductId%3D2267437&domain=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.toysrus.com
I tandem nursed last time. I'm not going to lie, there were times, it was overwhelming. That said, there were also so many more times that it was so amazing. The relationship between the two littles was and is amazing. We had literally no jealousy issues until the youngest was quite a bit older. If you haven't already, I would suggest reading "Adventures in Tandem Nursing". It could help give you some perspective and help you make up your mind.
I'm so sorry to hear that they haven't been any help! With your permission, I'd like to share your post with my group of leaders (I'm a leader applicant, so I know a bunch of wonderful, caring ladies). I'm sure they could give you some great ideas.
Last time, we moved the older kiddo from the middle to the other side of dad. It was a gradual thing and we did it several months before baby was born so it didn't feel like he was being ousted because of baby. He has since transitioned to sharing a bed with big brother (although frequently comes in our bed sometime during the night). We likely will do the same thing this time. Oh, forgot to mention that we put a bed rail up on Dad's side. It worked well for us.
So glad I'm not alone with having no cute little bump to show.
Hi Anna! Glad you figured out how to post.
Had an ultrasound this week and they said definitely only one baby (dang, I was really hoping for and thought there were two) and they adjusted my due date to July 17th. Not much of a difference, but I definitely like extra days rather than fewer.
My 6th pregnancy too. I'm not feeling crampy so much as lots of round ligament pain. Especially when getting up from a sitting position. Ouch!
This is the first time since my 3rd pregnancy that I've had nausea so bad. I'm grateful I'm not throwing up, but would really like to start feeling better soon. I've got things I want to do! LOL
Definitely noticing more nipple sensitivity, but it's nowhere near as bad as last time, so I'm still handling it easily. Still having let-downs too, for which I'm grateful. I'm right at 10 1/2 weeks now.
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