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So, we've finally told everyone. I started by telling my sister in person (which sadly, went about as I expected, but she's come around now) and then we sent this video to the rest of the family: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkB0OSgJ9cA I thought you guys might enjoy watching it. It's pretty funny. My hubby and I were not looking our best by any means, the clips with us in them were done spur of the moment and then DH edited them to make it funny. We announced on FB at...
Hope you're getting some rest! And can eat again soon!
That's great!
Ha ha! Me too.
I understand totally! I want my chef to come home right now! I need him to prepare me some extra tasty low carb meals so I don't feel deprived. And maybe he'd actually be able to make me something that wouldn't make me feel worse after eating it. I think our chefs and maids must be vacationing together, because my house is a wreck too!
Wow! That's quite a tummy! Were you one of the ones suspecting twins?
Yay! I'm glad you were able to get in!
I'm overweight and and I'll be 44 tomorrow. I've also had GD and then in later pregnancies, Type 2 diabetes. Midwifery care is definitely possible. You may end up having to fight for things (like not being induced if you're postdates, as long as your blood sugar is in good control), but you should be able to find someone who will take you happily.
I went through that with my last pregnancy. My little guy then was almost the same exact age that my current nursling is, but whoa, there were times, I just couldn't stand him on me. At. All. I was on pain meds for a severely herniated disk and could never be sure if it was due to the meds or the pregnancy. But, now reading your post, I think it was likely the pregnancy. Sooo glad I'm not feeling that this time (although, that was more around 14 weeks)! I really hope it...
Oh, never been through that, but sending you lots of positive, healing, sticky baby vibes!
New Posts  All Forums: