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Yes, on Tuesday. I'm very excited! If I hadn't lucked out with finding my midwife, I would have gone with an OB and an "oops, we didn't make it to the hospital on time" ha ha!
Ha, the way I told hubby about baby number 4, was by telling him we were going to need a bigger car. If we do indeed have twins, we may need an even bigger car. Yikes!
Just wanted to chime in on u/s. I know people have some issues with it, but being high risk, I have had to have multiple ones with all my pregnancies. I have had five pregnancies (not counting this one), with multiple ultrasounds and I have five very healthy children. I try to look at it as just extra chances to see my baby before they're earthside. I really recommend trying to relax, just like others have. As a parent you're going to have so many decisions to make that if...
Yeah, geez, me too with the sweating! So gross!
Oh, I'm sorry. I had a friend go through this just this past summer. Be gentle with yourself and take care of yourself! Hugs!
Yay! Here's to a sticky bean for you!
Oh hugs to you! I definitely understand being nervous to tell kids, although for different reasons. I agree that your approach with compassion can only help. I sure hope that she can see the love you guys obviously have for her and that a new sibling will just add to that!
So, I officially have "morning sickness" (read: all day long sickness). Spent a good two hours actively trying not to throw up and lost the battle. I haven't thrown up with my last three pregnancies. One more reason to suspect twins, I suppose. Hubby and I really need to work on the announcement video, before it becomes so obvious that the kids figure it out on their own.
I really like the idea of a postpartum doula. Especially, if I am indeed having twins. It's such a big adjustment when you add a new baby, let alone two, that some pampering and being taken care of sounds wonderful.
Right now, it's the diaper pail. We've been having trouble with ammonia and whew! when I dumped the diapers in the wash last night it seemed like the smell had quadrupled overnight. I know it didn't really, but man, it sure was stinky!
New Posts  All Forums: