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Have you considered a midwife? Generally speaking, they are the most supportive of natural birth. If you're wanting a hospital birth, there are plenty of midwives who do them. Just a suggestion. And definitely ask questions. It really helps to know what you want in your birth. Once you've got a good handle on that, it becomes easier to determine if the caregiver you're looking at is a good fit for you. Also, remember, in this case, it's kind of like you're interviewing...
I keep looking at it every few days to see where the baby is developmentally. Hee hee! I just love knowing what's going on especially with such good pictures.
I'm still so excited today. I had totally given up on the idea of ever having a home birth, was just hoping to have a water birth in the hospital. Now, I'm looking at not only a water birth, but a home birth! To finally get what I really want on what will be my last birth is absolutely amazing!
Oh and just read your other post...how incredibly frustrating for you to be getting such conflicting information from your docs. If I were in your position, I would probably start researching the heck out of the topic, so I could be better informed in the case of conflicting info. Then you would know what information you'd be comfortable following.
Yes, Sheila is my name. :0) I just looked back and reread what you posted, I totally read the first number wrong. So, ignore my comment about it jumping fast. However, average HCG levels are usually much lower until further in pregnancy. That's why I said maybe they suspect twins. Of course, every pregnancy/person is different, so this could just be normal for you. Here's a link with average HCG levels listed....
Won't it be interesting to see how many of us that are suspecting twins actually turn out to be having them?
Maybe with numbers jumping that high, that fast, they're suspecting twins, hence thinking an u/s might be a good idea.
http://www.friscowomenshealth.com/?option=com_wordpress&Itemid=205&lang=en&p=89 Excellent article by an OB. I realize most of you here probably know this stuff already, but it's just such a good article and there are so many who don't, so pass it on! :0)
Ha ha! Love bacon and fortunately I can still eat it, in fact had a lettuce wrap sandwich with lots of bacon for dinner tonight. I'm still working with my blood sugar (one of the reasons I suspect twins is that it's acting more like it does in my third trimester), so not eating much at all, except salads and meat. Working on getting some supplements to help get it in better control.
Yes, they were! No, I'm type 2, but diet controlled.
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