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How rough for you! What a sad thing for you to have to go through. Hugs!
Well, I just got back and these ladies are awesome!!! Exactly what I was hoping for. They trust that I know my body, they don't look at my diabetes as this automatically awful thing, my age is no big deal and a water birth at home, totally doable! I am ecstatic! I can easily see becoming friends with them too. I just can't get over the timing of my friend introducing us!
Why don't you think you can get one sooner? A lot of providers will do a dating scan on the first visit. Is that not an option for you?
Oh, I'm so excited. My friend and La Leche League leader just introduced me to someone she thought I'd have a lot in common with. She knows I'm looking for new friends. She doesn't know however, that I'm pregnant. The lady she just introduced me to is a midwife, who get this, SPECIALIZES in high risk pregnancies!! I'm meeting with her tomorrow and I'm so excited that I might have found just what I was looking for! Oh please, oh please, oh please!
I'm trying to since I suspect twins. But, so far the soonest I can get one isn't until the 27th. I'm meeting with a new midwife tomorrow and am very hopeful about her,. Hoping she can get me one sooner.
You sound a lot like me. Older kids that won't be happy, having to hide the fact you're not having alcohol. I did take a couple small sips the other day to help hide it. This is the longest we've gone without telling anyone. I'm feeling very fortunate that my symptoms so far are pretty mild. This is my 6th and if I wasn't a fluffy mom to begin with, I'd probably be showing a little too. One of the few times, my extra weight is a help. Although, if it's twins, I'm sure...
Oh, forgot to mention my real name is Sheila. :0)
Hugs to you Mama!
Oh, that is so cool! Switching the fortunes like that. I bet they'll save them forever. For us, it was kinda interesting. We were actively preventing...tracking my cycles very carefully and using condoms when it wasn't safe. Well, one day, I had only the very beginning signs of ovulating, we DTD that night (protected) and the very next day all signs of ovulation stopped. CM dried up, all my pain was gone. I was like, well that's weird. Did I even ovulate? Later in the...
We haven't told anyone yet, so I'm loving that I can come on here and talk pregnancy talk. It seems it's all my brain is filled with right now, so makes it hard to have a normal conversation with someone. Especially, when they ask what's new! We know our older kids (almost 22,16 and 11) are going to be very unhappy with the news. Particularly the 16 year old. So, we're trying to address some of the things that they will be concerned about now, before telling them. Our...
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