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Got an email back from the midwife I had contacted. She had originally been optimistic that she could take me. But due to Oregon laws, it turns out that even though I don't have to take insulin, going on oral medication is enough to make it so she can't take me. I'm kinda bummed. But, she did recommend a DEM, which I guess aren't tied to the same regulations? Anyone here have any experience with a direct entry midwife? I've also decided to call my old midwife group (who...
I think being a surrogate is such a wonderful gift to give the parents!
I get where you're coming from. I don't do pregnancy too well. My body is very sensitive to the relaxin hormone so I end up in a lot of pain. Last time, my hips hurt so bad that I could hardly even lay down. I would constantly have to turn from side to side to give each hip a break. The hip pain never went completely after birth either. I'm planning to go to the chiropractor as soon as we get paid and regularly thereafter to try to minimize the pain this time. I also get a...
That's such a great book! I have it loaned to my brother and sis-in-law from when they had their first baby a year ago. I was bummed it didn't have as much impact on them as I was hoping. Can't ask for the back until we start telling people.
That's such a great book!
I love watching birth videos too. Still have to limit what I can do that might be seen/overheard by the kids though. At least until we tell them.
Ohhh, how sad. I'm so sorry! Hugs to you!
Yay! Here's for a sticky bean!
This site is so cool! It has actual photos (plus some graphics) of babies starting with conception and is broken up into increments of days instead of weeks (at least in the first trimester). Hope some of you find it as fascinating as I do. http://www.visembryo.com/baby/index.html
Some cramping is fairly normal. If it's real painful or is accompanied by blood, it would probably be a good idea to contact your care provider. Congratulations!
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