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I'm saying July 15th based on actual date of conception. I really think girl(s) and suspect twins. Will definitely be confirming both things via u/s.
Anyone else voraciously reading birth stories already? I like to read them even when not pregnant, but right now I can't get enough! LOL
My husband travels on business with some regularity. Usually for about a week at a time. When he gone, I just am amazed at how single moms do it! You're awesome! Your baby will grow up knowing that he/she is loved and wanted by you.
I agree...With pregnancy, there is no normal. Each person is different and then each pregnancy is different. This is my 6th pregnancy, so far not anything like any of my others. Every one has been different. I still feel like a first time mom when I experience something new. Mostly, I just try to roll with things and not worry unless I'm having more than just crampy/achy pain. Congratulations on your first baby!
I'll have to wait till I can get on the computer to respond to this. Can't do that yet, cause the computer is in the dining room and we haven't told the kids yet. For now, gotta stick with my phone.
Ohhh, I ate so many saltines with my first baby almost 22 years ago, that to this day, I still don't like them! Ginger is something you can try if you haven't already. Ginger tea, ginger capsules, candied ginger (okay, not the healthiest, but tasty!). A lot of people have success with it.
I actually do eat dairy already. Sadly, nothing seems to make a difference. Fortunately, it isn't really bothering me, other than a sore bottom and the inconvenience of having to use the bathroom so often. Hopefully, it will pass soon. It's so true what they say, that every pregnancy is different!
Dayiscoming Thanks for your encouragement. I'm hoping that I can get an ultrasound to confirm my suspicions as early as next week. That'd be cool if we both were pregnant with twins. It'd be nice to have a twin buddy!
Feeling pretty good so far (for me). I've been dealing with fatigue anyway so haven't really noticed a difference there. My first symptom this time was heartburn. I only get heartburn on an extremely rare occasion. When I had it four nights in a row that just strengthened my suspicion. Also, had severe hip pain last time that never went completely away. So I'm planning to go to the chiropractor soon to try and keep that from happening so bad this time.
All my births have been in the hospital (due to being high risk), midwife attended. I have had some beautiful all natural births, but water birth was unavailable to me. I am determined to have a water birth this time since I know it will be my last. So, I'm hoping to have a home birth or at least a midwife who can help me have a water birth in a hospital. As I said in my intro, I'll do it unattended if I have to and just go to the hospital afterwards. I know the risks...
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