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Angelbee, I think it's definitely better to have a due date later than you think because if care providers start talking inductions, at least you know they've cooked a little longer.
Angelbee, is that 3D picture in your profile pic of the baby you're pregnant with?! What an awesome shot! I had an u/s today and they tried to get a good shot, but baby was not cooperative. All we got was a pretty decent shot of his leg. Ha!
Oh, the pain during the initial latch is ouchy!! I'm having to remind myself to breathe and not hold my breath. I'm so grateful it only lasts for 30 seconds or so. And yes, they're sensitive otherwise too, but fortunately my clothes aren't hurting. But, I gotta agree with the extra sensitivity being good for the, ahem, sex life!
Congratulations on a healthy baby girl!
Awesome news!
I'm 17 weeks today with number 6 and I am only feeling very slight movement here and there. I definitely the babies earlier with other pregnancies, but I've been told this time that I have a large uterus. I'm guessing that's why I'm not feeling much movement yet. I'm definitely looking forward to some bigger movements! With my first I remember distinctly the first movement. I was around 3 or 4 months (Sorry, I don't know weeks, that was before people started counting weeks...
Sorry, you're still throwing up, but that was quick thinking there. :0P
This is definitely something that I know is out of the normal and have been trying to figure it out since before I got pregnant. It's not just no energy, it's a feeling of weakness too. I've been a mom for 22 years, so can definitely tell the difference between normal, not getting any sleep cause I'm nursing, pregnant, chasing after a little one and this. This is highly frustrating in a different way. Mostly because I don't know when it will get better. Thanks for the...
I wanted to comment on the synthroid. My son (11 years) has hypothyroidism and has to take medication. It took us two years to find the correct dose, but it wasn't until we stopped going to his regular MD and started going to a naturopath who put him on Armour Thyroid (a natural thyroid) that we finally started seeing real improvement. He was incredibly emotional, in a fog, mentally and prone to rages. Now, he's much more like his normal self (other than puberty type...
I did see that in your quick search. What other symptoms would that show? My doctor (a naturopath) has been trying for some time to figure out where my lack of energy comes from, we've obviously resolved the anemia, we've checked my regular thyroid levels, since I have symptoms of that (came back fine), tried various remedies and we were going to do an adrenal stress index test, but they said that pregnancy can throw off the levels, so to wait on that. It's frustrating...
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