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Quote: Originally Posted by poptart77 A friend of mine lives in Sunnyside (I'm not in NY, so I have no idea where that is in relation to anything!), and she just found out that she's pregnant with her first baby. She also just found out that her OB no longer takes her insurance! I don't think she's planning anything like a water birth, but I know she needs OB and midwifery recommendations. And I guess she'll need pediatrician recs eventually! She has no...
Join the yahoogroup for LLL in queens: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QueensWestLLL/ Lots of moms in FH and I there's a good pediatrician in that neighborhood, Dr. Marino. But you will get all kinds of great recs on that list.
Are you sure that M&M's were on the list? Because they are NOT safe for a child with a peanut allergy. I'm not sure why kids with allergies don't need protecting. Even a minor exposure can kill an allergic child. That doesn't mean that junk food is the answer. There are plenty of healthy nut-free options (as the OP is clearly aware ). But this is yet another reason to homeschool my peanut allergic kids--parents who don't respect that my child's right to live...
8wks, here
it passed
congrats! love the name cora
look into Sunnyside, Queens--closer to midtown than Park Slope & it's teeming with families.
The doula wouldn't have made it anyway & honestly I think it was meant to be! It was so perfect & wonderful, I am glad her phone wasn't on! I was 11 days early & none of us were expecting this
Cora Jesse Frisbie born at home at 318AM, June 22, 2010. Caught by DH b/c the midwife was still en route. Doula never even answered her phone. 2hr20min from 1st ctx to pushing
Quote: Originally Posted by maranapanda That's interesting. I used them with my last. I have issues with over supply and engorgement for weeks, clogged ducts then mastitis. Bleh. I was so sick, the cabbage leaves were an amazing relief. I never considered why they were working so well. I just pray that I don't have the same issues this time around. It is plain miserable to be so engorged for so long. The mastitis isn't a walk in the park...
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