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love Mary Catherine! Faith Evans-Sills is a wonderful doula, too. Her website is here: http://faithevanssills.blogspot.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by *KaiMom* NO do NOT use cabbage leaves. They actually are used when a mama wants to dry up her milk. http://www.breastfeedingbasics.com/h...pression.shtml Rice in a sock tied with a knot is the cheapest easiest thing to make. I use mine in the microwave or freezer and they are heavenly. Yes, please heed this advice! Cabbage leaves are REALLY powerful.
she's a friend of mine i have a bunch of her shirts for my 2.5yo DD & for my n00b and she does beautiful work...
Apparently my baby is low (this is #2 for me) and I don't feel the bowling ball people talk about. I do feel pressure on my rectum sometimes, similar to what I remember from labor.
Quote: Originally Posted by swissmom Update We did the lead test this week (LOVE my pediatrician, he did a venous blood draw and DS didn't even realize it!) and it is normal Thank you for all your information, thoughts, concerns and support. I always learn from you moms. Thanks!
Have you looked into a portable washer? I have a Haier that hooks up to my sink, and then I line dry on a rack. I don't use AIOs or CD at night b/c the diapers are too heavy for the washer & take forever to dry, but I had great success with fitteds & pockets with DD.
Quote: Originally Posted by staceychev But I feel really strongly that implying that only children "at risk" should be tested is wrong. There's this feeling among the public, especially in the suburbs and higher socioeconomic brackets, that impoverished inner-city children who regularly gnaw on windowsills are the only kids at risk of lead poisoning. It's not the case. I'm constantly encountering people who are shocked at my daughter's lead poisoning, as...
Sometimes we have to let go of our naming dreams b/c of who our partner ends up being, KWIM? I'd always hoped to name a baby after my beloved grandpa, but my husband's last name made that sound simply ridiculous. He didn't choose his last name (and I chose to take it) so it's not like I can blame him, but a part of me was sad this time around when we picked his grandfather's middle name as a potential middle name. Our last name is also a sound-alike with a...
I had cryosurgery after a colposcopy found precancerous cells. I am so glad I had it done--my subsequent paps have been cleared. The conservative OB I was seeing at the time prescribed beta mannan to help eradicate the HPV, and that's gone, too, possibly just naturally over time. In terms of impacting fertility-- The cryo did leave scar tissue on my cervix, and I stopped producing EWCM. The best I would get was just a little stickiness. So for charting, I had to...
try Tamara Joy Hawkins or Leigh Anne O'Connor. Have you called LLL? The NYC leaders are great for this kind of thing.
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