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Thanks!! Just checked them out--
I'm in Queens (since 2003), but lived in Manhattan for 8 years. I've found the home birth forum--this is such a great place!
I'm due in November (first) and planning a home birth--I am so excited!!
I am waking up three-five times a night to pee. It's driving me insane... I am getting really sick of the middle of the night.
I can't believe I'm going to get bigger... I feel so big and still have 3 months to go!
Quote: Originally Posted by GinaRae Yay, new blood! So fill us in, have you had an ultrasound or are choosing not to, what's your partner like, are you all that worried about weight gain, what dreams are you having, are you cloth diapering, etc... Ya know, all the nosy stuff we feed each other daily. : Well, since you asked... I had two ultrasounds very early on because of the m/c & before I chose a home birth & midwife care & no testing &...
Hi there-- I'm new around here, and couldn't find if this was addressed anywhere. I'm due in November & want to cloth diaper with a service. All I've found so far is the place they mentioned in New York Magazine: Nature Baby. The price is right (thanks to generous grandparents), but I was wondering if there were other options that people recommended. Also, can anyone tell me what I will want to supplement? I get the diapers + 6 covers delivered each week, but...
I just found these boards yesterday & I'm so psyched... this is going to be just what I need to get through the next three months. I'm in NYC and planning a home birth, due date 11-18-07. I had a m/c in January and got pregnant again immediately, which was hard at first but was definitely the right thing for me. I'm very excited about the home birth and really, really trust my midwife. I babysat for ages (almost 20 years, all told) but am still really nervous...
Good luck!
I am planning a homebirth in NYC for my baby due in November. I'm working with Miriam Schwarzchild, and she is incredibly non-interventionist. We are doing no tests, except for the 20-week sonogram which was my choice, she did not push it on me. Miriam is known as the "midwife's midwife," and she has extensive clinical experience (delivered a breech baby, twins for woman who didn't know she was having twins) but would prefer not to use it--her approach is to watch...
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