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I love my Baby Jogger City Elite. It's a great urban stroller (we walk 1-4 miles every day), with a decent amount of storage for grocery shopping. It's easy to maneuver but the back wheels are a bit too wide for narrow NYC grocery store aisle. But that's true of most big strollers. I like the tire-style wheels because they go up and down stairs really well & I can still do with 26-lb DD inside. It folds up pretty compactly for storage. Don't know about the car b/c we...
Quote: Originally Posted by KoffinAsh Our girl pick is Beatrix Ruth Valentina. Great name! My DD is Beatrice Ruth Our names are Cora Joy or Samuel Augustine. Team Green as well.
We did not get a crib for DD. Our apartment is just too small. I used an Arm's Reach cosleeper until about 6 months and then she slept in a pack 'n' play until 18 months when we got her a twin bed. For the first 8 weeks I slept with her 100%. Then at 8 weeks she was one of those magical babies who STTN on her own, 6-11 hours at a time all while still gaining weight and nursing on demand. (Of course I got AF back at 4months because of it, but oh well.) So at that...
not finding out!
Still nursing DD who is 26mo. We nightweaned shortly after she turned 2 and now she only nurses for her nap. I've had no discomfort & my supply is still good. I would prefer for her to wean before the new baby comes. I'm totally supportive of tandeming but I have a feeling it is not for me.
EDD: 6/29/2010 Name: Annie Age: 36 Location: NYC Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH and DD Beatrice Ruth, born at home 11-15-07 Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): HB today was 165, hoping for another girl but happy with a boy, too! We won't find out. Names you like: Cora Joy for a girl, Samuel Augustine for a boy Birth Plans/Preferences: planning homebirth #2 Anything else you'd like to share: I thought I was due 7/3/10 but I finally had my first mw...
saw my midwife today & I was wrong about my due date--I'm actually due 6/30 so I'm going to switch due date clubs. Best wishes to everyone!
To start, I'd love to find recipes that use whole foods--so many recipes seem to rely on powdered milk, potato flakes, and canola oil. I guess I could sub melted butter for the canola oil, and use whole milk instead of the powdered milk (and reduce the amount of water), right? But what are the potato flakes for? I just want to use real ingredients, KWIM? And then move on to sprouted grains. And what's the deal with soaking grains? Can I do that with a bread...
Anyone have any good TF recipes for the bread machine?
There's a little girl in my neighborhood named Solenn. So gorgeous. I think it's French? And my friend's neighbor's daughter is Pascale.
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